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Ovation: Fifty Nifty United States On Flag Day.


flagdayIn 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day.  In August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress.

One year in the early 1970s my grade school chorus sang a production number at our end-of-year school assembly.  For the number, everyone in the class had to make a poster of the flag of a state.  I was assigned the flag from Alaska.  It was relatively easy so I painted yellow stars on a piece of blue poster board and thought that I was done.  It was perfect and I was so proud.  Until the teacher pointed out that she needed someone to make a poster of the Idaho flag and, since I’d finished Alaska so quickly, the task fell to me.  Unfortunately, the Idaho flag was much more difficult to paint … I smeared part of it and the deer in the center looked like a dog.


My version was flawless. I had even used a ruler.

When it was time to perform we arranged the posters in alphabetical order, as we lined up in three rows on a riser, and held them down facing our knees.  Then, as we sang Fifty Nifty United States we would flip up the flag of each state as its name was sung in the song.  We would hold it up high for everyone to see.  This was quite challenging because it had to be done in time with the music and without poking anyone in the eye.

As you listen to the following video, try to imagine a child’s version of each state flag appearing as the name of the state is heard …

How about that second time through when the song goes by much faster?  Imagine all the poster boards flying!

My Idaho flag was all smeared and the deer looked like a dog.

My Idaho flag was all smeared and the deer looked like a dog.

The teacher gave my perfect Alaska flag to a short girl at the front of the line and, naturally, I got stuck with the mess that I called Idaho.  I held that sucker up as high as I could and told everyone that I didn’t know who had painted it.

To this day I can recite the names of all the United States in alphabetical order by simply singing this song in my mind.  Surprisingly, this ability has proven quite useful over the years.

Celebrate Flag Day any way you can.  Make some memories!  Learn a new song!


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  1. Sunny permalink

    Love it as usual. These stories remind me of my school days.
    Some I want to forget.


  2. great post 🙂


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