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Diatribe: Beaten, Robbed & Stripped Naked On Worst First Date Ever.


WorstDateEverMy Worst Date Ever was a blind date that didn’t end well.  We, initially, met online and had agreed to meet at a restaurant for dinner where we had a wonderful meal and enjoyed great conversation while sharing a bottle of wine.  After our meal I excused myself to wash my hands and, when I returned just minutes later, found that my date had vanished into thin air.  I’d never felt such rejection.  I thought we’d had a nice time together but, apparently, we weren’t in agreement.

I believe that dating can be difficult for many reasons including, among many others, the following …

  • The fear of rejection, like I experienced on my worst date ever, is a very legitimate fear and one that is easily avoided.  If we don’t present anyone with the opportunity to reject us, we can avoid this powerful emotion.
  • Social media has made the dating pool larger by introducing us to, potentially, everyone.  Cyberspace also offers anonymity and the ability to be less than honest about who we are and what we want.  My worst date ever was found online.
  • Instant gratification is unrealistic when dating.  We’ve grown accustomed to finding most everything that we want at the click of a mouse.  Consequently, some find it difficult to invest the time required to really get to know someone.
  • Dating a colleague is discouraged in most instances due to office politics and sexual harassment policies.  We spend one third of our time with people that we can’t date.

ShaunPaulWilliamsFloridian Shaun Paul Williams, 34, met a girl a few weeks ago and the two agreed to go out on a date.  When she picked him up on June 14, there were two other men in the car with her.  She explained that one was her brother and that she was going to drop them off at the second guy’s home.  Instead, the car was pulled over into a pasture where Williams got out to relieve himself.  That’s when he was hit on the head with a hard metal object as one of the guys yelled “Give me all your money and your clothes!”

Realizing that one of the men was pointing a gun at his face, he gave them $200 in cash, his cell phone, his driver’s license, his shirt, shorts and shoes.  Then his date and the two men fled the scene.  Authorities found Williams, nude and bloody, walking on the shoulder of the road later that night.

“I was going to take the girl on a nice dinner, trying to be a nice guy and next thing I know, I got beat up over a couple dollars.  Basically, it was my stupidity.  I should have realized there was something funny about it.” – Shaun Paul Williams

As a result of his Worst Date Ever, Williams worries that, unless he gets surgery, he could lose his right eye.  His cheekbone and jaw are also fractured.  Police are still looking for the woman driver and her two henchmen.

It would seem, that my Worst Date Ever wasn’t really all that bad.  When compared to being beaten, robbed, stripped naked and left on the side of a road, being abandoned at a restaurant after a nice meal sounds like a lovely evening.

What was your Worst Date Ever?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    The one that happened to you sounds awful. What a jerk that guy must have been!

    My worst date ever was in high school.
    It was with a girl.

    That’s all because I should’a known better.


  2. I hope he did not stiff you with the tab. I have had few interesting blind dates, but they could not be described as awful. One lunch date was going OK and she was very inquisitive. When I asked what she did, she said she was a minister. I am religious, but by no means a zealous religious person, but I was not prepared maturity wise to date a minister. Today, I would probably be fine with it, but at the age of 23….


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