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Ovation: Basketball, Guitar, LeBron James and Ben Lapps.


BenLappLike many Americans, I spent several evenings in the past two weeks watching the NBA championship series during which the Miami Heat the San Antonio Spurs battled in a very close tournament.  Not only was each of the seven playoff games exciting right up until the last seconds but news surrounding the children singing the National Anthem and the personalities of the various players really brought attention to the games.

For the second season in a row, the Miami Heat and LeBron James are NBA champions.  James was declared the 2013 NBA Finals MVP for his extraordinary performance throughout the series.

“Listen, I can’t worry about what everybody says about me.  I’m LeBron James, from Akron, Ohio, from the inner city.  I’m not even supposed to be here.  That’s enough. Every night I walk into the locker room, I see a No. 6 with James on the back.  I’m blessed. So what everybody says about me off the court, don’t matter.  I ain’t got no worries.” – LeBron James, 2013 NBA Finals MVP

At only 28 years old, James now has two NBA titles, four MVPs, two rings and two Finals MVPs to his credit.  Some are saying he’s a better player than the infamous Michael Jordan who had only two MVPs, one title and one Finals MVP by the time he was 28.

But can LeBron James do this?

Nineteen-year-old Ben Lapps brings new meaning to the term “multi-tasking”.  Standing in his driveway, not only does he make a one-handed shot but he does it while playing his guitar … and playing it very well.

Lapps first learned to play the guitar at age twelve and soon began writing his own music.  He recorded his first of three albums at age fourteen.  His style, known as Fingerstyle Guitar, involves a technique of plucking the strings directly with the fingertips or fingernails which allows the guitarist to perform several musical elements simultaneously.  Percussive sounds are almost always included.

Ben can even make breakfast while playing his guitar.  And watching him play is just as mesmerizing as hearing him play.

Have you ever seen anything like this?  Visit Ben’s website to learn more about him and see more amazing videos.


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  1. I can’t even play the guitar while trying to play the guitar. Very impressive. By the way, James is awesome, but I would give Jordan the nod as he made everyone around him better.


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