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Ovation: McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken – A Sandwich Without An Agenda.


McDonalds-Southern-Style-Chicken-Sandwich-731553It’s been almost one year since the big chicken-sandwich/marriage-equality wars made headlines across the nation.  The yummy yet pricey sandwich on the steamy soft bun that so many of us had enjoyed for many years was suddenly destroying friendships and creating rifts in families.  Some claimed they were supporting constitutional rights while others vilified the restaurant for the unabashedly homophobic rantings of the company’s president.  Many chose equality over the yummy chicken sandwich that they had grown to love.

A new sandwich has taken its place.  A new sandwich has quietly been added to the menu at your local McDonald’s.  The McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Sandwich is a deliciously spiced chicken breast fillet served on a seedless, steamed buttery bun with no condiments other than a couple of pickle slices.  Biting into the sandwich is reminiscent of the light crunch and warm moist chicken flavor that we loved about the sandwich that so many of us stopped buying on principal

If the new sandwich didn’t come in a wrapper adorned with golden arches, one might not be able to tell the difference between it and its counterpart from that other restaurant with a political agenda.

McDonald’s has done a wonderful job, over the years, of remaining neutral when it comes to what many consider “culture wars”.  The company’s name is rarely in the news and its president never makes outlandish public statements.  And now its stockholders can be proud of the fact that the restaurant is taking advantage of their opponent’s controversial nature.

Have you tried McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken sandwich?


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  1. What the Southern Style Sandwich by McDonald’s lack’s in an agenda it also lacks in flavor. It is an acceptable chicken sandwich but is maybe 25% as good as the other one. If the other one tasted like the McDonald’s one, then that other company would never have survived.

    I found a made a recipe online that tasted better than McDonald’s but still not as good as the original one. The key is to marinate the pounded chicken breast in pickle juice and use peanut oil to fry it in.


  2. I don’t think chicken when I visit the golden arches.


  3. First of off, all of these corporations have poitical agendas. Second of all, Micky D’s food leaves a lot to be desired. Yuck!


    • I think the only agenda of any corporation is “make a lot of money”. If members of a company’s leadership contribute personal funds to a political candidate they, generally, do so without appearing in national headlines. I imagine that shareholders don’t like it when leadership alienates enormous groups of potential customers.

      McDonald’s serves “fast food” … I think the emphasis is more on the “fast” than the “food”. But it beats going hungry!

      Thanks for reading!


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