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Diatribe: Loud Music In Restaurants.


LoudMusicWhen I was a kid, dining out was often expensive and was usually reserved for special occasions.  We thought of it as a privilege.  Our parents would order for us, we would eat what we were served, and we would use our best manners.  Many restaurants were family owned and operated and the atmosphere appeared to suggest that the customers feel as if they were eating at home.

As I got older, the number of restaurants from which to choose grew by leaps and bounds.  It seemed that once shopping malls began to appear on the landscape scores of chain restaurants were built.  The chains strived for consistency, in food, service and atmosphere, as they worked to create name recognition.

When I go out to eat, I like to be able to talk to the people with whom I choose to dine.  All too often, I find this to be a difficult task.

As much as I find televisions in restaurants to be a distraction, at least they’re usually not very loud.  On Sunday after church, I had lunch in a restaurant, one of the “roadhouse” varieties, where the music flowing from the speakers was so loud that everyone in the room had to shout in order to hear each other.  Once all the diners in the restaurant were shouting to be heard over the loud music, conversation became all but impossible.

It seems to me that the atmosphere for a Sunday lunch, after church, crowd needs to be different from the “party” atmosphere of a Saturday night “roadhouse” clientele.  I can’t imagine why a restaurant manager would think it’s a good idea to play the music in his dining room overly loud.  Perhaps those who work there become able to ignore the background music more easily than I, or they simply forget to turn it down to a level more appropriate for the time of day.

Maybe, now that programmable digital thermostats have become the norm, we’ll soon see the same technology used to control the volume of music in restaurants.

Are you ever annoyed by loud music in restaurants?


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  1. And don’t get me started on the lighting!
    Some of these places feel like caves.
    Mood lighting doesn’t mean NO lighting.


  2. I hate loud music, and I despise the televisions. Though they aren’t loud, they are a visual distraction. We only eat out as a treat, so great ambiance matters!


  3. Just had lunch out today with a friend and we both commented on how loud the music was and how difficult that made it to have a conversation. Too bad they can’t post a warning so that you can choose another eatery.


  4. I hate loud music in restaurants & TV’s too. I find myself distracted by a TV too often instead of listening to the people I am eating with – just because it’s there. My suggestions: Turn down the music, turn off the TV’s, make a special section for families with small children away from other diners, make more portion sizes available.


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