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Ovation: The Ice Cream Man!


IceCreamManI could always hear an ice cream truck from a mile away.  My ears are mysteriously tuned in to the correct frequency and they let me know that an ice cream truck is nearby.  But, no matter where I was or what I was doing, playing outside or reading in my room, it seemed that I never had enough time to beg for money and hurry to the curb before the ice cream truck passed by our house.  I have many wonderful ice cream memories.

We lived on a hill.  It was a rather steep hill.  I imagine that the adults thought it to be at its steepest when it was covered with snow and ice but, for me and the other neighborhood children, that hill was never harder to climb than it was when we were trying to catch the ice cream truck!

PushUpI remember crossing my fingers hoping that the ice cream man hadn’t run out of my favorite treat … the Push-Up.  It was a simple orange sherbet that was packaged in a tube with a stick on the bottom that was used to push the ice cream out the top.  You had to eat those suckers fast or you’d have a sticky orange mess running down your arms and dripping from your elbows.  But, oh, they were so good on a warm evening.

Ft._Myers_Beach-Day_2_May_2012_015As an adult, nothing says “vacation” quite like having ice cream delivered to me on a beach.  Sure, we pay a premium for the treat but when the sun is shining and we’re feeling hot we still get excited to hear the ice cream man approach.  The guy that works on the beach near my mother pushes a cart with a big palm frond attached to it.  He has the darkest tan I’ve ever seen but he works on the beach so it’s understandable.

In his little cart he carries several different kinds of ice cream treat, bottled water and a few other items.  We call him the God Bless You Man because every single time someone makes a purchase he thanks them and says “God bless you”.

It’s going to be a hot weekend for most of us in the states so, parents, have your dollars ready and listen for the ice cream man.  He’s bringing a truckload of frozen memories for you to share with your kids.

What was/is your favorite ice cream treat?


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  1. Oh i always wanted a banana flavored popsicle!


  2. Banana popsicles were a treat for me from the Ice Cream Man.


  3. A refreshing post for what has been an oppressive week. I loved a Good Humor strawberry shortcake popsicle. Thankfully, they sell those in the supermarket now so I am not at the whim of the ice cream truck.


  4. I always got a fudgsicle!


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