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Diatribe: Unicorn Porn Star Dancing.


UnicornI’m not one for costumes.  Some people really enjoy dressing up for Halloween and will go to elaborate lengths and spend exorbitant amounts of money to come up with the “best costume ever”.  I once went with a friend to a costume rental store and was amazed at the variety of unusual things that were available to rent or even buy.

There was an entire room filled with wigs and another with nothing but makeup.  Around the perimeter of the store, on a shelf above the windows, there was a shelf that held dozens of head-shaped masks with holes strategically placed in the front so that the wearer could see where he or she was going.  I thought to myself “There is NO way I’d ever wear one of those!” … but I was wrong.

One year, while brainstorming for spring fundraising ideas, I made the marvelous suggestion that the group sell pictures of people sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap.  I don’t remember exactly how it happened but, before I realized what was happening, I had been volunteered to wear an Easter Bunny costume and have my picture taken with strangers.

I didn’t know that a costume could get you kicked out of a ballpark.

On July 13th, adult entertainment star Andy San Dimas was kicked out of PNC Park for dancing provocatively while wearing a unicorn mask.  A witness reported that the dancer’s friend made an announcement to let the crowd know that the dancing masked woman was “a major triple x star” who would be stripping later that night in a Pittsburgh gentleman’s club.

Apparently, San Dimas was doing an extremely sexy “stripper dance” that offended and annoyed others in the crowd.  She refused to stop dancing when an usher asked her to do so and was then confronted by security.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I was trying to have a good time at the #*!@ing Pirates game!” – Andy San Dimas, unicorn-masked dancing porn star.

A photo of San Dimas, who played a small role in the move Drive, posing in a police station with an unidentified officer wearing the unicorn mask was circulated after the incident.  The officer is under investigation for “being involved in the stunt”.

I was involved in a stunt with the Easter Bunny costume that I rented.  Since we had paid to use the bunny suit for an entire weekend, and my young niece and nephew were scheduled to visit, we put the costume on … big floppy-eared head and all … and waited for them on the side of the road so that we could greet them when they arrived.  They got a big kick out of the greeting.

There was no provocative dancing involved.

UPDATE 07/28/13 – Andy San Dimas Regrets “Getting Horny” At Pirates Game.


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  1. I doubt the woman was ejected for wearing a mask – but instead for provocative dancing. Going to a ball game is family entertainment. Keep you adult entertainment separate!


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