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Ovation: Tiny Things In Bottles.


TinyWorldInABottleHave you ever seen a ship in a bottle?  Known as an “impossible puzzle”, it is a bottle that has an object inside it that doesn’t appear to fit through the mouth of the bottle.  The most common way to get a ship into a bottle is to wait until the boat is inside the bottle before raising the masts and sails, often using the strings that will represent the ship’s rigging.  Using specialized long-handled tools it is also possible to actually build the ship inside the bottle.

It’s possible to put a pine cone in a bottle if you insert a closed, damp cone through the narrow mouth of a bottle and then allow it to dry inside.  Fruits and vegetables can be grown to full size inside bottles if the bottle is placed around a blossom or young fruit and secured to the plant.  Most of us have seen penny-in-a-bottle souvenirs  that are mass-produced using glass blowing techniques.

Architectural model maker and artist Akinobu Izumi has taken the concept to a much higher level.  Based in Tokyo, Izumi has created a series called “A Tiny World In A Bottle” using intricate paper, small pieces of cork, a very steady hand and lots of patience.  For a floating effect inside the bottle, he sometimes uses liquid paraffin.

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Izumi, who sells his tiny art on Etsy, says he creates the miniature worlds in his spare time.  “I love to make things, especially tiny ones!  I try to make something unique and fun and amazing.” he says.  “I hope you like the things I made!”

I think they’re amazing.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I put the souls of the men that fall in love with me in tiny jars and shake them up when I’m feeling irritated. Bwahahaha.


  2. Rick permalink

    I LOVE miniature!!! If its a small version of something I immediately want the smaller one. I always wanted the tiny pet. The “runt” of the litter.


  3. Way cool. Thanks for sharing. Sing to Don Ho’s tune….”tiny bottles…”


  4. Wow! It’s amazing all the tiny things in those little jars – he must have to work with very fine tools.


  5. They are so cool! I love that there are still so many creative and new things out there. I have a friend who does something similar but makes them necklaces.


  6. Does he make one that fits a college age kid? I’m dreading sending my daughter off next week!


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