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Diatribe: GUEST POST! Why We Are Creating a Generation of Education Debt?


GuestBloggerEducation is a necessary part of becoming an effective and productive member of society, and no one in their right mind would dispute that. However the amount of education debt that students are graduating college with is becoming more and more of an issue as colleges and universities continue to raise tuition on almost a yearly basis.

Combine that with what seems to be a chronic high unemployment rate with no end in sight and you’ve got an education debt crisis among young professionals that is crippling adults under the age of 35.


Since 2007, the average income for people between the ages of 25 and 34 has declined 8.2-percent, which is a staggering number when compared to the 3.9-percent that the rest of the adult population has faced.

This means that students are graduating college with a degree and a massive amount of debt that they aren’t able to pay off– at least not in the short-term. While unemployment for adults in that age range hovers around the national average, it becomes more of a problem when their incomes are lower and their cash flow is compromised by a monthly student loan payment.

It should cause you to stop and think: is a college degree really worth it in our day?

The answer is debatable, but that question is becoming more and more common as bachelor degrees, which once carried with them a certain amount of pristine, are now being tremendously inflated and devalued because of the high volume of individuals that are able to obtain them.

So, with the value of a college degree plummeting and the expense skyrocketing, parents who have already gotten their degree in the last ten years should take a serious look at the state of education in our society. There’s no question that as their kids grow and start to look at colleges and education options, they’re going to have an even less promising outlook than their parents had.

The answer is far from certain, yet the national debt continues to climb, and the currently under-35 generation is going to have to prepare to bear the full brunt and weight of that debt.

At this point, heaping large amounts of personal debt, in the form of student loans, on top of that already crushing burden, is not going to be an attractive option.

Young professionals and parents need to continue to push through and pay off their student loans, then regroup and come up with an alternative method for getting their children an acceptable and helpful level of post-high school education. If necessary, recent graduates should seek debt help from one of any number of financial advisors or even government relief programs if possible.

It’s the only way that we’ll get through this generation of education debt with any kind of integrity as it relates to our personal finances.

MarcelaDeVivoMarcela De Vivo is a freelance writer who’s been working online since 1998. She specializes in a variety of fields, from marketing and finance to education, health, and parenting. Sharing her knowledge with businesses and individuals alike is her passion!”


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  1. It is absolutely crazy. We should invest in education, not penalize people for getting one.


  2. It looks to me like you’ve made some changes to your page or am I just imagining it? I like the new look!


  3. Education is worth the chase. Whether it is a community college, four year college, masters, doctoral or even a trade education, we must pursue making ourselves more valuable to others. Even in manufacturing, an ability to embrace math and technology is key to success. Even in carpentry, home building, plumbing, welding, you have to have gained skills to do this well and math plays a role. I am 54 and I never stop learning. So, the key is to find a path forward and learn as much as you can. Never stop making yourself better. And, like anything, you must be a wise shopper and not spend $200,000 on an education for a job that cannot help you make payments on any loan. Thanks, BTG


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