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Ovation: NC House Passes Bill Allowing For Rescue Of Dogs Left In Hot Cars.


hotcarwarningI find myself writing a lot about animals.  Compassion for our animal friends is something that was taught to me at a very young age and, as I grew to learn more about the world in which we live, the “circle of life” has always fascinated me.  The world can be cruel to some animals but it should never be at the hands of man.

Unfortunately, man sometimes leaves his best friend in a hot car to die.

I applaud the North Carolina House of Representative who, last Thursday, passed a bill to allow emergency responders permission to break in and save dogs or other animals in hot cars.  The legislation, if passed in the Senate, will allow rescue workers, animal control officers and firefighters to use “any reasonable means” to enter a vehicle if they suspect an animal is at risk.

The bill specifies that, after making a reasonable effort to locate the owner or other person responsible for the animal, officials may respond to conditions that are likely to cause suffering, injury, or death to the animal due to heat, cold, lack of adequate ventilation, or under other endangering conditions.

Consider the following video for PETA in which Italian model Elisabetta Canalis demonstrates how a dog might feel when it’s trapped in a hot car.  She appears frightened, confused and shows signs of heat exhaustion.

The new North Carolina law applies to any pets except livestock like horses, cattle, sheep or swine and, should it pass in the Senate, would make the state the fifteenth in the nation with laws specifically related to pets left in cars.  Proponents of laws of this nature are quick to point out that they are not intended to turn ordinary citizens into vigilante animal rescuers.  So, if you see an animal panting in a hot car, you should call 911 rather than take action yourself.

Cracking a window isn’t enough.  Experts suggest that if you can’t take your dog into your destination, it’s best to leave them at home.  Even on a sunny day in December, the temperature inside a parked car can rise to dangerous levels.

My dog loves to go for a ride but I never take her anywhere that won’t let her inside.  Not surprisingly, most of our excursions end at PetSmart.

Do you ever leave your pet in your car?


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  1. The NC legislature hasn’t done much right, but this is well done.


  2. Juts last Saturday, as we were loading groceries into our car, a guy pulled into the space beside ours and rolled all the windows up and got out, leaving his dog inside.

    I watched, thinking I should say something, and then thinking it wasn’t my business, and then i saw the look on the dog’s face–you know, that sad look when ‘Their Person’ walks away.

    And so I shouted to the guy, ‘You should leave a window down a little for your dog.’

    He said, ‘I’m only going to be a minute.’

    I said, ‘That’s long enough for your dog to die.’

    I guess using the word ‘die’ was enough to bring him back to open a window.

    Good on North Carolina!


  3. Oh dear. I spent a fortune adding a feature to my car that will, I’m sure lead to my car being mistakenly smashed. I can remotely turn on the ignition and the AC with a button. I got it because I occasionally travel alone with my dog. I know I will need to stop, and I don’t want to roast him!

    That said, it’s good of the NC leg to do something towards greater protection. I wish they’d start with voter protection, however.


  4. Finally, something positive from the profoundly disappointing NC legislature. They may not have any regard for the right to vote, but at least it’s now safer to be a dog in a hot car. NC used to be one of my favorite states.


  5. This is one of the few good things the NC General Assembly did. Unfortunately, this body was much less kind to people of all persuasions and especially those in need, who teach our children or both. The decisions will also do more than harm people, they will harm the economy which will impact even more. Check out the Moral Monday protests to get sense of the backlash. It has been a disappointing group of legislators on the whole.


  6. My husband was accosted by a woman who feared for our dog when we first moved to Alberta. The back story is we were homeless for 2 weeks, living in a motel where we couldn’t leave the dog alone if hubby went out job hunting, etc. I was already working, so he needed to take the dog with him everywhere he went. If he was going to be more than a minute, he would leave the vehicle running with the A/C on. Even if the A/C was on, hubby would leave a window cracked for the dog & some woman misunderstood & followed him into the post office & yelled at him in front of all the other customers about leaving our dog in a hot car. Nice to know she cared about animals, but she certainly could have figured out a better way of confronting hubby!


    • I agree. Unfortunately, too many people take their passion for animals to an unhealthy level. I love the critters but not enough to become a whackadoodle criminal. I won’t be throwing paint at people wearing furs or opening gates to free livestock. There are certainly better ways.


  7. Anonymous permalink

    I AM one of those people who have broken the law to save an animal in a locked hot car. And I’ll do it again when needed! Not only did I try to find the owner first, but called the police as well. After 30 minutes of neither showing up and the pup looked like it was foaming at the mouth, I decided to smash the window and help him! Not only did the cop praise me but the owner did as well. She “didn’t think it was that hot out!” The pup suffered from severe hydration and had to be taken to the emergency vet clinic. Don’t even get me started on the look I give to people who wear fur in this day and age… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! I wish I had your courage!

      In this day and age, I find myself assuming that everyone is carrying a loaded weapon and try my best to mind my own business. I hope my fears never keep me from doing the right thing.

      Please be careful.


    • I have too .. not only that, I removed the poor dog, and refused to let the owner have her back … I was not going to steal the dog, as she cared enough for her to take her out with her, rather than home alone .. but she didn’t know that .. I needed to get my message fully understood.


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