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Ovation: Golden Underwear


24-karat gold, gold underwear, gold lingerieWho among us didn’t have a grandmother who warned us to wear clean underwear in case we got into an accident?  The idea being, of course, that if you did get into an accident and had to go to the emergency room, you wouldn’t want to be wearing tattered old embarrassing underwear because doctors and nurses would see them.

“Wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident!” exclaims grandmothers everywhere.

Of course, if you really do get into an accident, the least of your worries would probably be your underwear!  Methinks grandmothers may have ulterior motives.  (Why not say “be careful” or “drive safely” rather than predict a highway calamity?)  But, let’s be honest.  Everyone likes to wear nice underwear.

While others shop for sexy and exciting undergarments, I focus on comfort.  When I find something that’s comfortable, durable and affordable, I buy a supply.  Not surprisingly, my underwear drawer is boring.  Everything is pretty much the same color, same brand and style and folded exactly the same.

For those with a desire for extremely high-end under things, Rococo Dessous offers a line of lingerie designed with 24-karat-gold thread.  Chief Executive Sascha Hertli has teamed up with a former Victoria’s Secret designer to launch the first fashion line using gold thread sourced from Switzerland.

This luxury underwear isn’t cheap.  Sets start at $1,500 and run as high as $6,000 depending on the level of embellishment.  Gold was chosen over other precious metals because of its importance in the company’s target markets of Russia and the Middle East, both of which have large concentrations of high-net-worth shoppers.  Buyers can choose from gold-on-gold or gold-on-black sets with intricate floral detailing using the gold thread.  The garments can be further customized to include jewels and pearls!

“Gold has a very specific symbolism as opposed to other metals.  Platinum might have a higher price, but it’s not as highly valued as gold.  Historically, in their cultures, it would have been used as a place to stare value.” – Sascha Hertli, Rococo Dessous

I imagine it’s just a matter of time before Hollywood celebrities are posing on the covers of fashion magazines in golden underwear.  I bet it looks beautiful and feels fantastic.  I suppose it could be an investment, too, as the price of gold fluctuates.  Quite an investment!

Ah, but I wouldn’t wear my golden underwear to the airport.  I’d be afraid that it would set off security alarms and I’d have to strip for the TSA agents’ inspection … reminding me of grandma’s advice.


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  1. Don’t wear gold jewelry so i’d be against wearing gold drawers.

    Platinum, maybe.


  2. Lene permalink

    I feel the money could be better spent. Help your church, a charity, a person in need. Gold underwear, what a waste.


  3. Well, you won’t want to hang those out on the washing line in your back garden would you? You’d have a daily line of thieves waiting to pick up a quick bargain.

    Can you imagine someone being in an accident, begging the emergency crew to have mercy and not to be too harsh with their precious underwear which costs as much as a mortgage, ha ha ha.

    £1,500 starting price? I’m sure I could sell it cheaper if I dyed the cotton thread in a nice permanent gold colour. Who would know?


  4. I think this is going just a bit too far – $1500 for a set of underwear? Spend $200 on a nice set & feed a few hungry children!


  5. Since some young thieves would rob you of your Air Jordans, do you think if overheard, you might get robbed of your undies? Stick ’em up and drop ’em.


  6. thedogs'mother permalink

    How do you wash them? And dry them? Is your average dryer hot enough to melt the gold?


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