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Diatribe: Begging For Boob Money.


ChristinaAndrewsIt seems that every Saturday throughout the summer time there are people at all the big intersections around town trying to raise money.  It gets to be downright ridiculous.  I’ve seen volleyball teams, scout troops, daycare centers, policeman, cheerleaders, street newspapers, veterans and church groups waving signs about to attract attention for their cause.  More often than not, the participants want to wash my car in exchange for donations.

These groups, as they compete for the attention potential customers, use many different techniques.  We see people spinning signs, cheerleaders in shorty-shorts, fit young shirtless guys, balloons, horns, cute kids, funny posters.  I thought I’d seen it all until I learned about Christina Andrews.

Last week Ms. Andrews began panhandling on a Pensacola, Florida, roadside.  Not because she was homeless, a cheerleader or raising money for a church mission, but because she wants larger breasts.

“I just want bigger boobs.” – Christina Andrews

People certainly noticed her uncommon sign.  She didn’t really expect to collect enough money to purchase implants, which cost several thousand dollars, but that wasn’t her only goal.

“I thought people would just laugh and keep riding, but they’re like hey here’s some money.  Gotten a lot of smiles out of people too!” – Christina Andrews

My family has spent a lot of time and energy organizing and participating in fundraisers for causes that really needed money including school music programs, sports teams, cancer research, church groups, animal rescue centers, food pantries and AIDS services.  We donate to Goodwill on a regular basis.  On the busy summer weekends when fundraisers are most common I’ll hand some cash out the window of my car to one of the kids or a parent who seem to be working the hardest to drum up business.  After all, these kids are learning about the value of a dollar and how much work is involved in raising them.

For me Christina Andrews’ “Bigger Boobs or Bust” fundraising campaign doesn’t not qualify as a worthy cause.

Would you donate to help someone get plastic surgery?


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  1. No.

    And, yeah, No.


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    Not for bigger boobs – since bigger has nothing to do with their function. But for someone disfigured by an accident – I’d donate to that.


  3. No, unless they lost their boobs to cancer or something & were trying to get reconstructive surgery to help them with their self-esteem. But no to any other plastic surgery for boobs.


  4. Guys always say more than a handful is a waste!

    But I have big boobs, so what do I know?


  5. She needs to change her sign to “I want” from “I need”. “Wants” do not warrant asking for charity. Where I volunteer, the homeless mothers we help need enough money to pay the rent and feed their children. They need more hours at their job and/ or an increased hourly wage. Some even need an injunction so their husbands will to stop beating them. This woman “wants” bigger boobs. Thanks for sharing this story, as it highlights this distinction. Take care, BTG


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