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Ovation: “Dudeoir” Photography.


DudeoirPhotographyBack in the days before everyone carried a camera with them all day long, having your photograph taken was a big deal. Students posed for yearbook pictures on Picture Day, and parents took snapshots of family events and holidays, but the cost of quality portraits was prohibitive. One didn’t waste film or the cost of having pictures developed unless the resulting photographs could be shared with friends and family.

In the 1960s, glamour photographers began to feature women portrayed in romantic or sexually alluring poses. Focusing on a mature audience, the models were fully clothed, semi-nude (often in lingerie) or nude but stopped short of deliberately arousing the viewer so as not to be considered pornographic. Many of these photos were used in advertising and others in men’s magazines.

Years later, glamour portrait studios opened in malls across the nation, offering professional hair and makeup artists and computerized retouching to allow the general public to have the “model” experience and feel like a movie star. These makeover experiences sometimes resulted in “boudoir” portraits that women would give as gifts to their boyfriends or husbands.

Not Good Dudeoir Photography Courtesy of Sienfield's George Costanza

Not Good Dudeoir Photography Courtesy of Sienfield’s George Costanza

Recently, men have begun to pose for sultry photographs to show off the results of their hard work at the gym, to please their significant others or to memorialize their youth for posterity. These photo sessions have come to be known as “dudeoir” sessions.

In a time when a shirtless, or even more revealing, self-portrait can be found on the feeds of many Facebook or Twitter users men are increasingly requesting the services of a professional photographer to art-direct and light the shots so they look as flattering as possible.

“Sometimes it’s the wife or girlfriend who inquires and buys the package, but usually it’s the guy himself. We have grooms who want to give their brides an intimate portfolio as a wedding present and others who are doing it entirely for themselves – they’re young and ripped and proud of it.” – Catherine Leonard, Co-Founder of NYC Dudeoir

Good Dudeoir photography courtesy of

Good Dudeoir photography courtesy of

I don’t have the courage to pose for a glamour shot, and I can’t imagine asking someone else to pose for pictures like this, but I do think it’s about time that men get into the act! Folks have been lusting over scantily clad ladies for decades and it’s time for men to take a turn. If you really need to have semi-nude photos of yourself, it’s probably best to have them taken by a professional rather than with a cell phone in a dirty mirror.

Have you ever posed for photos like these? Was it fun? Would you do it again? Do you want pictures like this of your loved one? Do you think the concept is totally ridiculous?


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  1. I’d never do it, but I do like the name!


  2. I would have liked a few of my ex-boyfriends to pose for these kinds of pics, but not me – too shy!


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    No and no 🙂 but Anthony Wiener could have used this service.


  4. I could have gone all day without seeing Geoge Costanza’s pose. Of course, he looks thinner than me, so I have no room to talk. If I did that I would probably pass out from holding in my gut. BTG


    • Die hard Sienfeld fans will remember that episode, “The Package” from season eight, from when it first aired in October 1996.


      • Anonymous permalink

        My two favorites are the “Masters of our Domain” challenge and the time Kramer went commando. Great show. Later, BTG


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