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Diatribe: A Bender Worse Than “The Hangover”: Waking Up In A Shipping Crate.


ship-containersAs a young teenager, there were many times when I was offered an alcoholic beverage.  I always refused.  I’ve always been to paranoid to try much of anything that I wasn’t supposed to.  This fear of getting caught kept me from smoking cigarettes until I was old enough to buy them and from drinking alcohol until I was old enough to do so legally.  Back then the legal drinking age was nineteen so I didn’t have to wait as long as teens today for my first taste of beer.  My first cocktail at 21 was a major disappointment but it was legal.

In the years since I have, sadly, been “over served” on more than one occasion.  Most of these occasions were at college parties and resulted in a headache or an upset stomach.  While I’ve heard stories about people who lose track of their inhibitions and drink until they pass out, I think the story of Jiang Wu takes the cake.

Reminiscent of a plotline from The Hangover, Wu drunkenly mistook a shipping container for the Qingdao, Eastern China bed and breakfast where he was staying and fell asleep inside it.  When he eventually woke up, the crate had been loaded onto a cargo ship set for a two-week trip to California!  The container was sealed, so he couldn’t get out, but he had a cell phone and called everyone that he knew including local police who arrived on the scene.

But he couldn’t tell them which of the thousands of containers stacked on top of each other he was in, so he had to bang on the inside of the crate until police eventually found him in a container stacked more than sixty feet high.  It turns out that he was lucky because if he’d woken up an hour later the ship would have sailed and he would have spent two weeks in the crate before the ship docked again.

Now that I’m older, a glass of wine with dinner or a cocktail after a long day at the office are sometimes all it takes to make me drift off to sleep.  Fortunately, I’ve never done so in a shipping crate!


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  1. All I get out of this si that the B&B must have been a dump if he mistook a shipping container for his room!


  2. How dumb can he be? I used to be a heavy drinker in my youth but gave it all up when I lived with an alcoholic so at least one of us would be responsible for making sure the 5 kids got dinner & homework done.


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