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Ovation: Clever Kids Who Found The Owner Of A Lost Cell Phone Using Instagram.


CallUsWeFoundYourPhoneLast week I lost my cell phone at the office.  It was only out of my sight for a few minutes but it was long enough to make me feels the first pangs of panic.  Worse than forgetting your wallet at home, nowadays losing your cell phone is like cutting off a direct artery from one’s social aorta.  As soon as I realized that I had misplaced it, I called it hoping to hear my ringtone and quickly bring order back to my universe.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.

But someone in the bathroom heard it, recognized my number as it flashed on the screen and brought it to me … no questions asked.  I was so relieved!

And I was very lucky.

When blogger Kimchi Ho and her friend returned home from a bicycling adventure earlier this month they discovered that the cell phone they had carefully placed in a Velcro pouch attached to a bicycle had been jarred loose during their trip and was lost.

But, before they had time to panic, Kimchi’s sister told them that the phone had been found by some kids at a skate park and she had an Instagram video to prove it.

The kids were able to post a video of themselves on Instagram asking the phone’s owner to call the so they could describe their exact location.

“These kids are brilliant. Pure awesome. We called his number immediately & they answered the phone! They told us they were at the Skate Park so we biked over and there was his phone waiting for us. No harm done to the phone, they just wanted to give it back to its rightful owner! They could have sold the phone, made some good coin and continued skating, but they didn’t. Instead they took a few goofy pictures and filmed this sweet video. I have to commend them on their creativity, their playfulness, and their honest nature- totally feeling inspired today about all the good folks in this world. All smiles.” – Kim Ho, on her blog.

I don’t know the first thing about Instagram (maybe I should) but I do know good kids when I see them.  The parents of these youngsters should be very proud.  It’s really nice to see young people cooperating to act responsibly.

I hope someone, someday, pays it forward to each of them.

Would YOU have thought of this?


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  1. This was needed on a day where I woke up and turned on the news just in time for the story about two teens that beat a WWII veteran to death Wednesday night. One starts to lose hope in humanity, but then some kids do the right thing in a fun way. : )


    • Exactly! When there are kids out there killing people because they’re “bored” it’s easy to forget that there are really GOOD teenagers among us!

      Thanks for reading!


  2. Oh, it’s nice to hear a good story about young kids today. I’m glad they found it but I have no idea what this ‘instagram’ thing is all about. If only more kids or should I say adults would learn from this ie: Give back what isn’t yours to keep.


  3. I’m really proud, not only of these young people but also their parents, for doing such a wonderful job. Obviously their parents have done something very right!


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