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Ovation: Favorite (And Least Favorite) Animals In Commercials.


GeckoWhen it comes to animals in commercials, I either love them or I hate them.  Sometimes it makes perfect sense to include an animal in an advertisement, be it on television or in print, because the product for sale actually involves an animal or there’s a clever play on words, etc.  Be they computer generated, animated or actual animals, critters can make or break an advertisement.  Below are my most favorite and least favorite animals starring in commercials:

Favorite Animals In Commercials

Every time we pass a Kia Soul on the road someone in our car (usually me) says “Oh, look!  There go the Kia Hamsters!”  In their most recent outing, they’ve spent some time in the gym and appear with a new slimmed-down look to promote the “totally transformed” 2014 Soul.

CrossLeggedCat-FreshStepCross legged cats everywhere are having a hard time finding their litter boxes because they can’t smell them when they’re filled with Fresh Step kitty litter.

CharlieTunaCharlie the Tuna has been the cartoon mascot for StarKist brand since 1961.  The hipster with “good taste” appeared in more than eighty-five advertisements until the 1980s when the “Sorry Charlie” campaign was retired.  But he made a comeback in 1999 when StarKist revived him to introduce a new line of healthier tuna products.

The Budweiser Klydesdales brought us one of the best advertisements premiering during the 2013 SuperBowl.

The Geico Owls featured in a recent commercial make me smile more than their Gecko ever did.

Least Favorite Animals in Commercials

Charmin Bears doing their thing in the woods is at the top of my gross commercials list.  I’ll never forget the ad about “crumbs” or this treasure featuring history’s first cartoon “skid mark” …

aflac-1It was sad to see the AFLAC Duck get a debilitating injury, but I’d be on board with his early retirement.  Once he stopped sounding like Gilbert Godfrey I no longer found him amusing.

TacoBellChihuahuaI always got a racist vibe from the Taco Bell Chihuahua.  I’m not sure why that little guy annoys me every time I see him.  I guess I wonder if Latinos are offended.

Duke Bush of Bush’s Baked Beans fame works my nerves mostly because of the quality of the commercials.  They always look like someone was trying to stay under budget.

Snuggle-BearSnuggles the fabric softener bear is the kind of television animal that I’d like to give to my dog so I could watch her pull the stuffing out of it through a hole in the side seam of its head.  Is it supposed to be a baby bear?  Is it supposed to be cute?  Ugh.  I can’t stand that bear.

I would appear that I have something against bears and dogs but that’s not true.  Just THESE bears and dogs.  Fortunately, I’m getting better at fast-forwarding through the commercials on my DVR.

What animals would you add to this list?


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  1. wcdameron permalink

    While not technically an animal, the pillsbury dough boy always annoyed me. Just once, I would have liked to have seen him peering through the little window of the over door as the flames grew….


  2. Lene permalink

    I love the Geico camel commercial. Both of my grandsons can recite it word for word. Hump day!!! Yeah!!!


  3. I completely agree with all of your choices… especially the bears taking a shit in the woods. We all know it happens, but do we need to see it? I always feel awkward watching that.


  4. Who remembers Mr. Whipple and his don’t squeeze the Charmin ads? (A human animal so to speak…) I’m waiting for Grumpy Cat to make his commercial debute.


    • I remember Mr. Whipple! He’s a memorable character … and he didn’t have to tell us about crumbs and skid marks to be that way!

      Grumpy Cat would have to build on the grumpiness of his predecessor, Garfield!


  5. Morris the Cat always got to me.


  6. My favorite is the Daschund ad for Verizon: “I ordered 400oxen and they sent me all these Weiner dogs …


  7. I agree with your “dislikes” yet I must confess, I am not a fan of the Kia Hamsters. The Owls are too funny, though. One of my old favorites are the Bud-Weis-er frogs, who got the order of he syllables wrong at first.


  8. He’s technically not an animal, but I LOVE the Pillsbury dough boy.


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