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Diatribe: Torn Grocery Bags and Wrongful Death Lawsuits.


WALMART%20LAWSUITI think there are too many people who honestly believe that they’re due something from the universe … that they, somehow, are entitled to things that they haven’t actually earned.  Far too many people take pride in their ability to “work the system” to avoid paying taxes, to receive government assistance or to collect a paycheck that they haven’t earned.  Certainly, there are those who are legitimately deserving of such services but they’re not the people that we see in the news.

A recent example of someone desperate to place blame is William Freis of Plattsmouth, Nebraska , who claims that Walmart is responsible for the death of his wife.

Freis late wife, Lynette, went grocery shopping on April 16, 2010, at a Walmart Supercenter where she purchased two 42-ounce cans of La Choy and a two-pound bag of rice.  The cashier packed her purchase in a plastic bag and Lynette was on her way.  Sadly, while she was walking out to her car, the plastic bag broke and its contents landed on one of her feet, causing a cut.  The cut subsequently became infected and, despite multiple rounds of antibiotics and two surgical procedures, the infection spread and lead to her death on March 12, 2011.

Now Freis is suing Walmart alleging that the company was negligent for failing to properly train its employees to prevent them from overfilling grocery bags and knowing when to double bag a customer’s groceries.  Yes, he believes a defective grocery bag from Walmart killed his wife.

This is, without a doubt, a tragic story.  It’s very sad that Mrs. Freis experienced an accident in the Walmart parking lot.  But, frankly, I believe it was her responsibility to safely carry her groceries to her car.  Sadly, it seems to me that her death was accidental.

“Customer safety is a top priority, and we take it seriously any time an injury is reported in one of our stores.” – Randy Hargrove, Walmart Spokesman.

The wrongful death suit also names the bag’s manufacturer, Hilex Poly Co., as a defendant and the late Mrs. Freis’ estate is seeking more than $656,000 in medical expenses, plus an unspecified amount for her pain and suffering and funeral and burial expenses, as well as her husband’s loss of consortium.

I think this is yet another example of a nuisance lawsuit that some lawyer dreamed up to get some cash from a big corporation that will likely settle to make the matter go away.  If it’s possible to “work the system” those with the desire to do so can usually find a way.

Do you think stores like Walmart should be held accountable for groceries that its customers drop on their feet?


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  1. Barneysday permalink

    Don’t count out the unscrupulous lawyers who encourage just such a suit.


  2. Common sense and personal responsibility have taken a vacation.


  3. These days everything is a lawsuit and people see a payday in every misfortune.


  4. Did they have a standards of practice for bagging? Or did they actively tell employees to single bag everything to save money? I can understand the fear. Diabetics live in fear of foot injuries which can eventually kill you. (I’m wondering if she was one.) But then I don’t go to Walmart 🙂


  5. Just another reason to not use environmentally bad plastic bags. She’d be alive today if she’d brought her own environmentally friendly bag.


  6. It seems to me there are way too many people looking for an easy way to make money from someone else without having to actually do any work for it! There are way too many lawsuits!


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