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Diatribe: Sometimes You Don’t Want To Wake Up With A Fox In Your Bed.


FOXWe live with a rather old cat in our house who spent the majority of his younger years hiding from us.  He seems to have mellowed in his old age to the other extreme … now he won’t leave us alone.  He waits on the bathmat during showers, sits outside the bathroom when the bathroom door is closed, he must be in a lap when we watch television, he’s always under foot at the dinner table and he screams and shouts at the oddest times.  (One night we thought someone was in the house shouting “Hello!” but it was only the cat!)  The most endearing change to his routine is his need to sleep with us in our bed.

As bedtime approaches, he often will announce the fact and attempt to lead us down the hallway on schedule.  Once the covers are in place and everyone is comfortable, the cat uses a small stool beside the bed placed there specifically to assist him in the climb to his spot at the foot of the bed.  He’s our “furry little roommate” and we’ll miss him when he’s gone, but we could never mistake him for a fox.

Recently, Leon Smith, who works from his suburban London home didn’t realize that his girlfriend had quietly awoken one morning and left for work without him knowing.  He felt a furry creature climb into the bed with him and nuzzle into his neck and assumed that it was the couple’s cat, Bramble.  But, when he rolled over to cuddle his girlfriend he opened his eyes to see that he was holding a wild fox.

The fox had, apparently, entered their house through a catflap in the door.  When the animal didn’t flee Smith, naturally, pulled out his cell phone to take pictures of the intruder which led to a ten-minute stand-off.  Finally, Smith, 30, shouted at the animal and charged at it which sent it running.

“I just thought it was the cat, so I thought nothing of it.  It had walked up my back and was licking my neck for a good couple of seconds.  I pushed him off and rolled over for a cuddle, forgetting Sophie was already at work.” – Leon Smith.

The animal didn’t appear to be looking for food, since it walked past the kitchen on its way up two flights of stairs to the second-floor bedroom.

I suppose lots of guys would like to be able to tell their pals that they woke up with a real fox in their bed.

The worry now seems to be whether or not the animal, or others like it, will return unannounced.  His girlfriend is afraid to be alone in the house for fear that the fox will come and get her.

Our cat uses what we call a “doggie dorr” between the kitchen and the basement stairs to get to his litter box.  Seems to me that it’s time for smith to get rid of that catflap.


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  1. Good friend woke up to find two skunks enjoying cat chow in
    her kitchen. She backed sloooowly away.


  2. Wow, was he lucky. I came across a not so nice fox in our garage once, cornered by our dog. Not knowing if he was rabid, I was able to shoo him away with a broom, thank goodness with my dog not attacking him.


  3. Rick permalink

    God love PK. He is a sweet boy that has only gotten sweeter. Made me smile.


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