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Diatribe: If You Need To Carry A Gun To Buy A Burger, You Probably Should Cook At Home.


Outside-the-Waistband-Gun-HolsterI’ve, basically, come to terms with the fact that it’s all but impossible to find a place where there are no guns.  It frightens me.  I can choose to keep weapons out of my house and my car but, other than that, I’ve learned to live under the assumption that every person I encounter might be carrying a loaded weapon.

It didn’t used to be like this.  I’d wager that the majority of baby boomers grew up in an environment where guns and rifles were pretty scarce.  As far as we knew, nobody carried a gun in public unless they were an officer of the law and then they had it only to keep us safe.  Now I find myself surrounded by people who have taken this responsibility upon themselves.  Those who did carry a weapon carried a concealed weapon and made great efforts to ensure that it was concealed so as not to frighten the women and children.

Last weekend, I stopped for a burger at a fast-food chain along the interstate.  While I was eating my lunch, a man and a woman entered the restaurant to place an order on the counter.  The man was wearing a holster around his waist and carrying a gun.  It hadn’t occurred to me that this particular hamburger joint might be a dangerous place to be … until he came in with his gun.  The atmosphere in the restaurant changed immediately as he seemed to want everyone to know that he was “packin’ heat”.  Eventually, his female companion convinced him to cover his gun with his shirt.  Perhaps should could see that he was making the other customers uncomfortable.

If he thought the restaurant would be so dangerous, why didn’t he go somewhere else?

Apparently, there are guns in office buildings now.  Internal memos about possessing weapons as if there are people in the business community who need to be reminded that it’s considered inappropriate to bring a crossbow to the office!  For example:

“Tenant shall not possess, nor permit its employees, agents or invites to possess, any weapon on the Leased Premises or any part thereof.  The term “Weapon” includes but is not limited to: hand guns of any kind and their ammunition; rifles, shotguns, or other similar weapons and their ammunition; bows, arrows, crossbows, knives or any other device that may be construed as a weapon (folding pocket knives with a blade length no longer than four (4) inches are excluded); and any explosive device, including fireworks, firecrackers and ammunition.” – Reminder From Office Building Management

Why is a memo like this necessary?  Is it because of insurance reasons?  Probably.  I imagine that an office building might be included in a lawsuit should a shooting take place within its walls.  This didn’t happen when I was young.  Is it simply because there are more guns than there used to be?  Could be.  Is it because gun-related crime appears to be at an all-time high?  That’s my guess.

Is there anywhere that we can go where we can feel with absolutely certainty that we cannot be shot by someone with a gun?  I don’t think so … not with absolute certainty.  Even though he was carrying a gun to buy his burger, I don’t think that man’s friend felt safe at all.  In fact, I bet she wished he’d left it in the car … or maybe at home.

Do you wonder, as you go about your business, who might be carrying a gun?


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  1. I DO wonder. And I especially think of that when I’m stuck in traffic — when nobody’s at their best. How many “you cut me off” shootings do you think have/will happen since folk needed to express their “FREEDOM” with a gun? It makes me sick.

    And the burgers at that place must be to die for (sorry, I couldn’t help it).


  2. Quite frankly, until I read your post, I had not thought of people walking around me with guns. Here in Canada, I think, things are a little tighter because we don’t believe it’s “our inalienable right” to own a gun. Plus we don’t have a huge lobby group like the NRA urging us to arm ourselves to protect ourselves against other people with guns, rather than try to disarm more people.


    • I hope I didn’t frighten you! I refuse to believe that our nation’s founding fathers intended for citizens to carry semi-automatic weapons and call it “bearing arms”.


  3. You have read my posts enough times to know my stance on this. We just passed in NC a law to let a concealed fire arm to be taken into a bar, on a playground and onto a college campus, if left in the car. Guns+testosterone+alcohol is a bad equation. Guns+playgrounds is a bad situation waiting to happen (look what I found, pow pow, your dead), and college campuses where there is a higher propensity of depression than regular society (one impulsive act and your child is dead). I am truly tired of people not seeing this as prima facie evidence of our problem which is being accountable for 87 of the children gun deaths out of 100 when measured with the top 23 wealthiest countries. That means the other 22 countries have 13 children gun deaths to our 87. Today’s paper had four gun deaths last night in Charlotte. This is not about freedom, this is about abetting a crime. By the way, over 90% of NC citziens (and 90% of NC GOP citizens) want tougher backlground checks and 76% of NC GOP citizens want elongated waiting periods and our General Assembly passes the above law.Sorry for the soapbox. BTG


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