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  1. This gets a big “YES” vote from me! Somewhere people have gotten the impression extremists represent religions of many different kinds. If you only accept what the extremists say you will never understand the real followers of the different churches. I consider myself a Christian although I rarely attend church. My best friend in Alberta is a gay man. I love him & his husband! How he expresses his love for his husband is none of my business as far as I am concerned, just like I wouldn’t invite him into my bedroom.


  2. AMEN sister. This is one of the most encouraging things about Christianity I have seen in awhile. There are many individual voices, but what was needed is a platform that said we are not like the extremists and exlcusive members of our faith. We needed a formal platform that says religion is at its finest when it includes and is at its absolute worst when it excludes. Thanks for sharing, BTG


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