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Diatribe: Stop Parking In Fire Lanes!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t know if this happens in your neck of the woods but where I live and work many, many drivers appear to think that they’re above the law.  For example, fire lanes are all but ignored.

These areas are, generally, designated with brightly colored striping paint in front of clearly defined curb areas along sidewalks and storefronts.  Parking is prohibited in fire lanes to ensure that safety equipment such as fire engines and ambulances can efficiently access the structure in the event of an emergency.

My neighbors don’t care.  Every morning there is at least one care parked in the fire lane in front of Starbucks, usually with the motor running and no driver behind the wheel, even though there are plenty of available parking spaces just a few footsteps away.  At the supermarket, the fire lane is usually blocked by shoppers who are too lazy or important to push their buggies filled with groceries even the shortest distance.

Clearly, these selfish and ignorant drivers do this because they can.  Police officers can ask them to move and, if they refuse, in some states arrest them for disobeying.

I wonder if a fire engine would plow right over a BMW if there was a fire at the Office Depot next door to that Starbucks.

Do you ever park in fire lanes?


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  1. I do not, but it is probably the same folks who park in the pregnant women or disabled slots. I think they should be towed. I don’t know if you recall my post on the Cal-Berkeley/ U of Toronto study around the mich greater propensity for people of wealth to cheat or cut corners than others. The study was very interesting.The results surprised the leaders of the study. It was as if the laws don’t apply to me, if I have money. It may be interesting if you conduct an informal survey. Write down the type of cars you see parking illegally over the course of a month and see if there is a trend. One of the tests of this Cal-Berkeley study observed that people in the nicer cars were far more likely (it was 2 1/2 times I believe) to not correctly yield the right of way at a 4 way stop.


    • I’ve already come to the same conclusion. The cars parked in the fire lane in front of our local Starbucks, for example, are usually Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and Audi. People with money truly believe that they rules do not apply to them. I see it all the time.


  2. it happens all the time here … ughhhhh.


  3. Lene permalink

    I wouldn’t even think of parking in a fire lane.


  4. Only if I’m stopping & there is someone else in the vehicle who can move the vehicle if needed. Because I have mobility issues, it’s sometimes needed.


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