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Diatribe: Two Mean Girls Put A Kitten In A Microwave.


KittenWTFIn a time, long ago, when children played outdoors, climbed in trees and learned about nature, before parents determined that it was somehow safer for their young ones to sit sedentary on a sofa in front of a television screen exercising nothing but their thumbs playing video games, I got into my share of what we used to call “mischief”.

My siblings, neighborhood children and I would often catch fireflies (we called them “lightning bugs”) and keep them in jars with holes poked in the lids until they eventually died.  We chased ants with magnifying glasses on more than a few sunny days and I’ll never forget the lesson that we learned when we sprayed a garden hose into a hornets’ nest just “to see what would happen”.  Despite my good intentions, I learned that sick birds don’t get better just because you put them in a shoe box filled with grass, that caterpillars don’t become butterflies just because you give them a stick to crawl on, that abandoned baby bunnies don’t thrive on eye droppers filled with milk and that Sea Monkeys don’t flourish on a windowsill.

I was curious.  I loved animals, wanted to learn all about them and wanted to help them when they were ill.  I never, intentionally, wished them harm.  The same certainly can’t be said about two mean teenage girls in Portland, Maine, who authorities say put an eight-week-old kitten in a microwave oven and turned it on.  Police began an investigation after getting several tips when a short video of the stunt appeared on Twitter last week.

Both girls, 15, face animal cruelty charges and were issued summonses on Monday.  Because they are juveniles their names have not been released.  It seems to me that, because they were careful to not show their faces in the video made, they knew that what they were doing was appalling.  They did it anyway.  It seems to me that they are clearly guilty of the charges against them.

The kitten survived and has been turned over to an animal shelter where it is doing well.  The kitten, a girl, is receiving treatment, is eating normally and has been named “Miracle”.  Once little Miracle has grown a bit she’ll be ready to move to a new home.  After what she’s been through, there should be plenty of good people willing to take her in.  I hope these girls also get the help that they appear to need.


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  1. Unbelievable.

    I think these two girls need a good long stay at some kind of detention facility, and post all their whimpering and crying online for all to see.

    They knew it was wrong and did it anyway for a few hits on YouTube, so YouTube-ing their juvenile detention stay would be a just punishment.

    Since we can’t put them in a microwave and see how they like it.


  2. I really didn’t want to read this story. I’m so glad the kitty survived. It always amazes me what one person will do but I’m dumbfounded by what another will go along with or when two sickos find each other.

    I’ll admit to putting a large, live beetle/waterbug in the microwave (in a baggie) when we got our first microwave 25 years ago. Yes I was an adult but it was a bug that I would have stomped on anyway. BTW – it did die buy there was no noticeable change to it, it didn’t explode or anything.


  3. I think the parents also need some treatment!


  4. I think the two girls should be put into an industrial microwave, and feel what it’s like.


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