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Ovation: The “Lose It!” Weight Loss Program.


LoseItI’ve spent my entire life fighting the battle of the bulge.  Over the years I’ve tried all the fad diets, losing weight by restricting carbohydrates and obsessively counting points, only to have the pounds reappear when I lose focus.  I’ve spent tons of money and have come to the conclusion that what we all know to be true really IS true … the only secret to weight loss is a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Personally, I’ve found that I have the most success when there’s some sort of accountability involved.  When I tried Weight Watchers, for example, I knew that someone would be weighing me once each week and I kept that in mind as I made food choices throughout each day.  I’ve found a tool that allows me to hold myself accountable using a simple smartphone app.  It’s called “Lose It”.

The Lose It! program, and it’s corresponding smartphone app, is based on the proven principles of calorie tracking and peer support for healthy, sustainable weight loss.  Using one’s current weight, sex, age and height, the program determines a maximum number of calories to be consumed per day to sustain consistent weight loss.  The program customizes a weight loss plan that fits a user’s life and allows them to set achievable goals on their own terms.  A verified food database makes calorie tracking incredibly easy.

The smartphone app is an easy-to-use tool for tracking what you eat and how much you exercise.  Users can log food and activity on their smartphones, computers or tablets.  My favorite feature is the app’s ability to scan a barcode on food to automatically add its calorie count to a log.

Friends and strangers alike can form networks to encourage and challenge each other as their weight loss progresses.  And it’s all free!


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  1. Rick permalink

    I agree and use a similar app call Sparkpeople. Recording the food I eat and recording the exercising completed each day is the only way I have been able to lose. I simply love food and hate exercise.


  2. I too used a similar app. It really made me aware of how much I was eating and where my calories were coming from. After a couple of weeks I had learned enough that I didn’t use it as much but had altered my eating habits enough that I continued to loose. I mostly cut out soda and most drinks other than water, cut out snacks and reduced the serving sizes.


  3. There is an old rule, if you want to make a change, measure the impact. The act of counting calories and reporting to yourself is most likely what benefits your efforts. Making it easier to measure, should make your efforts more sustainable. It will allow you to make the trade offs – do I really want the Key Lime pie, so I probably need to order a less caloric meal. My wife is doing something similar around counting calories using some webtool that tells her counts per dish. Best wishes on your efforts. BTG


  4. I am currently using a similar program called “Calorie Count.” I have lost 12.5 pounds in the last couple months.


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