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  1. I still write checks for bills. Set amounts, otoh, like auto insurance are automatically deducted. Do like access to our bank account online. Makes it so easy to transfer GB’s college expenses. (There is a diatribe – his tuition has doubled over four years from $3k a semester to $6k.)


  2. Maybe it’s your bank? I haven’t experienced any of those issues but I try not to do any banking on public wifi so usually only use my laptop.

    What do you think of Chase’s email people money option?


  3. Lene permalink

    I agree. It’s beginning to seem easier to just write a check. The whole password, user name, security questions and getting locked out make me nuts. Last time I was trying to get my password reset, I kept getting kicked out. My blood pressure was sky high and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Comes to find out the trouble was with the website, not me. aaargh!


  4. Barneysday permalink

    I never stopped writing checks. I then know when I spent the money, and how much. I’m not relying on one machine talking to another, and hoping that the wires don’t get crossed. Ever tried to get a credit card billing corrected or reversed? Then think what happens when your $20 payment become $2,000 thru a machine error.

    And the password mess you describe is the weakest link in the system. All the crazy passwords, and they must be made up of so many letters, and numbers, and capitals, and etc etc. There are so many, we end up writing them down, thereby defeating the purpose of security in the first place. And every company out there thinks you only have to remember their’s.

    Nope, still a lot easier to write the check and drop it in the mailbox.


  5. What I’d really like to do is stop paying bills completely. Somehow I don’t think we’ll get to that point, though!


  6. I do the online banking thing, but try not to logon from a mobile device or from a public wi-fi. I don’t trust the security. So, I use the same computer which is plugged into my router not using its w-fi. I do limit my occasions to go online and make darn sure it is my bank’s screen I am looking at and not a faux front waiting for my password. This may surprise you as it did me, but I read most ID theft is still from out of your mailbox. So, if and when you do have to mail checks or financial information, do it from a public mail box. May the force be with you on these matters. BTG


  7. Our block raised, paid for and installed a locking post office box.
    The Engineer and another neighbor, along with several teenage boys
    did all the work. If we had not been able to get it done ($115 per house)
    I would no longer put anything in an open box.

    I know the cost of higher ed is going up but don’t have enough info
    to understand why. Too many other things on my plate. The Engineer and I went to the
    same college and paid $283 for tuition a semester. GB, same school, $6k tuition a semester.


  8. No, it’s not time to start writing cheques again. I am all for extra security, I like it when the banks & the internet take the sanctity of my identity very seriously. I like to think no one else can get access to my money.


  9. Dang! No WAY would I go back! Surprised so many others feel as you do. I am insulted if I have to write a check. Can’t wait until youngest graduates from high school this year which will effectively end my check writing days. I’ve been online banking from the start. Agree with some others that it must be your bank – which is probably not a *bad* thing, but there has to be a middle ground. I’m still with Wells Fargo after 30 years of no hassle banking with them. Every time I think about moving to a smaller credit union I balk a little at the prospect of losing the convenience I have now. Branch in the grocery & larger one a block away. Online access that is seamless & accessible & free on my phone, tablet & computers without any issues flipping around between them. Possibly the only precaution I take is to not use public wi-fi when I access it from my phone, but otherwise – I’m 100% online!
    Frankly, the only time I had my account compromised was when…..some checks were stolen! Irony eh?


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