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Diatribe: A Ten Thousand One Hundred Dollar Gold iPhone.


gold-iphone-5sI’ve never been one to wait in line to buy something.  I just don’t have the patience.  I figure that if I’m going to give someone my money I should be able to do it at my convenience.  I refuse to wait in long lines in the middle of the night after Thanksgiving dinner to save a few dollars on the big toy of the year.  And, while I’m not proud of myself for doing so, I’ll admit that I’ve abandoned more than one shopping cart filled with merchandise at a customer service desk when the checkout lines were too long and not moving fast enough to appease my nerves.

More often than not I get satisfaction by shopping ahead of the holiday crowds, by shopping at odd hours or by shopping online.  Online shopping has become increasingly easy to do and, when your purchases are large enough or you make them often enough, shipping charges can often be avoided.  The only experience during which I have yet to receive gratification involves my cellular telephone company.  I’ve come to terms that I must commit several hours of my life to spending money at this particular establishment as doing so, in person and at their convenience, is the only way that they are capable of doing business.  A few months ago I spent several hours waiting to spend several hundred dollars to upgrade to a new smart phone.  I thought I’d been through quite an ordeal.

iPhone_auctionLast week when Apple launched its new lineup of iPhone 5s and 5C smartphones, people waited in lines all across the country to spend hundreds of dollars on the new gadgets.  One Apple fanatic who, clearly, hates to stand in line more than I do took matters into his own hands and bid for the phone that he/she wanted on eBay.  Bidding on a 16GB gold factory-unlocked “very hard to find” iPhone 5S ended last Monday at 4:00 p.m. EST with a last-minute final winning bid of $10,100.00 plus $22.95 for shipping.

Of course, I’m not opposed to paying a LITTLE bit more than I should to avoid long lines, big crowds and excessive traffic … after all I figure my sanity is worth SOMETHING … but this is ridiculous!  Sure, it’s fun to be the first kid on the block to have the next big new toy to show your friends and all but … wow.  Nine thousand five hundred dollars to get a new iPhone a few weeks early is a pretty steep price to pay!

Have you ever paid a ridiculous price to avoid waiting in a line or be sure to get a product that you really wanted?


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  1. Yes, but not $10,122.95 for a phone. Yikes.


  2. Nope — I just wait a few weeks for the dust to clear and walk up to buy it like a normal human being. I, too, hate lines and also crowds.


  3. Like you, I will walk out of a store rather than stand too long in line. Or demand to see a manager & advise him/her to put more staff on when there is a line. I do not shop during “high traffic” times.


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