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Ovation: Longest-Running US Television Shows And A Jimmy Fallon Tribute To “Sesame Street”.


SesameStreetJFWhile many television programs rise in popularity by being timely, current or “edgy”, others stand the test of time by simply being entertaining.  Programs like All In the Family, Murphy Brown or Seinfeld all tackled issued of their time and were amazingly successful but now old episodes can often feel dated and trite.  Other programs were excellent when they first aired and remain so today.  Some television programs simply stand the test of time.

The longest-running drama in US television history is Lassie.  Beginning in 1954, the multiple Emmy Award-winning adventures of famous collie and her human and animal companions ran for twenty-two seasons totaling five hundred eighty-eight episodes.

The longest-running animated series in US television history is The Simpsons.  Since its debut in 1989, the show has broadcast more than 530 episodes and the twenty-fifth season is about to begin.  Also the longest-running American sitcom, in 2009 it surpassed Gunsmoke as the longest-running American primetime, scripted television series.

One of the longest-running children’s programs in US television history is Sesame Street.  And, to honor the show’s forty-fourth season, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots recently joined Big Bird, Elmo Cookie Monster and others from the Sesame Street gang in a Late Night dressing room to sing a new rendition of “Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?”

Black Thought of The Roots added these rhymes to the classic theme song.

“OK, you heard about, through word of mouth
Big Bird is out, he’s in the house
He’s turnin’ up, with Snuffleup
They’re really gettin’ their hustle up
They stick together like Velcro
There Grover go, there’s Elmo
And Cookie Monster there, look he likes
To take selfies with his cell phone
They got a homegirl named Abby
Her last name is Cadabby
I showed her my report card
She said,
[Abby: Not too shabby!]
They got all types of cool kids there
It’s lots of fun if you live there
One thing I keep forgettin’ about Sesame Street…
How do you get there?”

The longest-running US television series, in general, remains Meet the Press, which has been airing since November 6, 1947.  But none of its cast members exhibit a fraction of the cuteness of anyone on Sesame Street.  Or Jimmy Fallon.


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  1. This makes me smile. Thanks, BTG


  2. Rick permalink

    This made me so HAPPY!! I had to watch it twice.


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