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Diatribe: “Spanking And Impact Play” Has Been Cancelled At Trumpington Village Hall.


TrumpingtonOne summer during college, when I had come home to live with my parents, I worked in a factory and took a class at the local community college two nights each week.  It was an entry level history class that was required for my degree and credit for taking the class at the community college would transfer to the university that I attended full-time.  The cost of tuition, however, was drastically different.  So, for a fraction of the cost and with minimal effort, I figured I could get an easy “A”, help my overall grade point average, save a few dollars and make life a little easier once I returned to campus in the fall.

While I was attending my history class, there were many unusual “learning opportunities” taking place on the campus that summer.  The curriculum appeared to be geared more toward community groups who simply rented space from the school while the majority of its students were enjoying the summer away from classes.  The classes may have been unusual but nothing as bizarre as secret bondage classes held at Trumpington Village Hall, a community center in Trumpington, England,

Cambridge Kink had already hosted a number of classes including courses in caning, dominance and general “bondage-on-a-budget” … complete with tea and biscuits … at the 108-year-old venue that ordinarily hosts bingo and women’s groups before red-faced officials put a stop to the meetings.

“The premises were booked under false pretenses.  They said it was a relationship support group but it turned out to be something else that we didn’t know about.  We have canceled all future bookings.” – A Trumpington Village Hall Spokesman

The group was scheduled to host a series of workshops including “spanking and impact play”, “kink on a budget” and “flogging”, in an event organized by the group Peer Rope Cambridge.  There have been no complaints about payment of fees and the group has always cleaned up after themselves, even stacking chairs as they leave.

“I think this is becoming much more common and less hidden with the popularity of Fifty Shades Of Grey, and has brought it much more out in the open.  Cambridge has a very diverse community, so I am not surprised.” – Sheila Stuart, Trumpington on Cambridge City Council

And I thought my community college days were wild all those years ago.  Can you imagine the cast of characters walking about the “quad” or hanging out in the student lounge on a campus that offered courses like these?  My … how times have changed!

But what harm were they causing?


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  1. People are endlessly amazing but still….. eeww.


  2. Maybe it’s a safety thing?


  3. I’m one of those people who would be walking around the quad, and most of the kink folk I know happen to be lovely, respectful people. This sort of thing drives me nuts. What harm were they doing?! If ANYTHING, you would think people would WANT kinksters to be educated. Do you know exactly how many things can go wrong in any given scene involving rope play? I DO. I know what to have on hand to make sure a scene is safe. And most of these classes focus far more on communication and supporting your partner and their needs, than beating the crap out of someone. 50 Shades of Gray didn’t bring kink out into the foreground, all it did was misinform everyone as to what kink really is, and set absurd expectations. Ugh. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This post gave me a sad face. Well, the topic, really.


    • That was kind of my point … what harm were they causing? They paid their rent and cleaned up after themselves and nobody seemed to care for quite some time. You make great points about education and safety. More importance needs to be placed on sex education in general. Things like that book, Miley Cyrus and “Blurred Lines” are capable of causing much more harm (particularly to women) than most people might imagine.

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts. I’m really sorry you got a sad face!


      • Yeah, I ranted without being clear. I realize what you were saying, which is why I said the topic made me sad. I don’t get it. In DC, we’ve had to move around quite a bit as well, but we never said or did anything inappropriate. And we were hardcore about ensuring no one walked into the wrong seminar by accident. It’s just frustrating to see so much silliness over classes that really just end up being about safety and communication skills. Le sigh. Great post though!


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