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Diatribe: Somebody’s Penis Was On The Czech News.


OopsI watch the local news every morning while I get dressed and ready to leave the house.  It’s a big part of my morning routine and it, sometimes, feels as though I’ve grown to know the news anchors and other “personalities” that report the various stories every morning.  There’s one poor lady in particular, who always appears to have drawn the short straw, was the last to arrive or is simply at the bottom of the newsroom food chain … because she always gets sent out, live, “on assignment”.

One day she’ll be reporting from outside a new restaurant where people will be gathering later in the day to try some odd new food.  The next day she might be seen standing in the pouring rain at the crack of dawn in front of a tree that has fallen across the road.  Once, they made her drive to a rural neighborhood so she could stand in front of a house that had caught fire the night before so that she could say something along the lines of “As you can see, this is the house that caught fire last night.”

Every once in a while something really silly happens in the background of her live reports.  But never once have I seen genitals over her shoulder unlike this poor fellow’s viewers recently experienced.

A Czech news anchor was recently upstaged during a live broadcast when an image of a penis accidentally appeared on a monitor behind his head.  How the heck could something like this happen?  Apparently, the image was actually part of a documentary that was airing at the same time and producers had no idea that particular scene would be playing when they went on the air.  It was just bad timing and the accidental phallus was quickly replaced by a picture of a green vegetable.

Quite the “blooper”, no?

And now, going forward, whenever I watch my poor morning news lady pull her hair out of her mouth as the hood from her windbreaker slaps her in the face during a storm, or hear her ask a distraught mother a stupid question like “How does it feel to find your lost child?”, I’ll feel just a little bit less sorry for her because it could be worse.  There could be a penis over her shoulder.  I know she’s just “paying her dues” but it sometimes is just seems cruel.

I will continue, however, to feel quite a bit of sympathy for the poor souls in the camera crew who have to drag around cameras and lights on those cold rainy mornings so the poor dear can come into our homes while we get dressed to show us exactly where that tree landed across that road.

Do you ever see “bloopers” on your local newscasts?


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  1. Maybe it was the Penis Farm Report?


  2. Rick Bettencourt permalink

    And it wasn’t even attractive! Too funny…thanks for sharing!


  3. Not that I’ve ever noticed – if you hadn’t pointed it out I doubt if I would have noticed now because I don’t pay a lot of attention to backgrounds.


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