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Diatribe: Nincompoops Knock Over Prehistoric Boulder In Utah Park.


UtahRockNincompoopsOne spring, many years ago, we were lucky enough to time our beach vacation with a huge migration of sand dollars.  We could walk out, chest deep, into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and feel the extremely flattened sea urchins beneath our feet.  With enough practice we learned how to pick them up using our toes and a flip of our ankles while still keeping our heads above the surface to breathe.  Signs were posted all along the shoreline warning beachgoers that it was illegal to remove live sea creatures, and some native plants, from the beach area.  I took some sand dollars and I felt terribly guilty.

My sand dollar snafu pales in comparison to the three nincompoops who toppled over a rock formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park.  The men, filmed themselves knocking over one of the “goblins”, estimated to have formed more than 20 million years ago from rock that could be 165 million years old, laughing and singing like children and posted the video on Facebook.

Glenn Taylor was the man who pushed over the formation, while Dave Hall filmed and Dylan Taylor looked on.  Taylor and Hall are leaders for a local troop of the Boy Scouts of America and the men also act as Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints youth leaders.  And  fine examples they’re setting.

“Some little kid was about ready to walk down here and die and Glenn saved his life by getting the boulder out of the way …  We have now modified Goblin Valley.” – Dave Hall.

Rubbish.  That rock hadn’t moved in twenty million years and wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.  Whether or not the park was officially open during the partial government shutdown is unclear but if these “leaders” were truly concerned for the safety of children the correct thing to do would be to report their concerns to the proper authorities … not dance and sing and push rocks like monkeys in a zoo.

“If we were defacing property, if we had been going around knocking over all kinds of rocks, I would feel really guilty.  As it is, I feel guilty because I have a conscience.  But my conscience also says I did the right thing.” – Glenn Taylor.

Apparently, anyone involved, including those who encouraged the possibly criminal activity, could face anywhere from Class B misdemeanor to second-degree felony charges depending upon on how much the formation is valued.

I’m confident that had this been three teenage boys they would have been deemed “juvenile delinquents” and spend the rest living with the label.  But these three men, setting examples for the youth in their community, are nothing but nincompoops.

At least I was smart enough to keep video footage of my sand dollar-napping out of the news.

What do you think?  Criminals or Good Samaritans?

UPDATE 10/21/13: Dufus Utah Rock Pusher Had Filed Suit Alleging Disability.

UPDATE 10/22/13: Nitwit Goblin Pushers Removed As Boy Scout Leaders.

UPDATE 03/19/14: Ex-Scouts Leaders Who Knocked Over Ancient Rock Get Probation.


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  1. Rene permalink

    I’m not sure whether I think felony charges should be brought. Misdemeanor, definitely. For that reason, I would have to define them as minor criminals. They certainly aren’t Good Samaritans.

    But we do need a new category. “Lying idiots” will suffice. These are people who were stupid enough to do what they did, stupid enough to brag about what they did, and then lied about it (under the assumption that everyone else is as stupid as they are.)

    The LDS Church really should get them out of their Scouting program. Supervising boys who are playing with pocketknives and fire is not a role these people will succeed in.


  2. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Seriously, though, this is why they keep art behind glass in museums, and statuary behind ropes, to save it from being destroyed by these types of fools.


  3. It doesn’t sound like they have much remorse. I say throw the book at them.


  4. Idiots. Anyone with common sense would know better than to climb atop and jiggle ancient hoodoos like this. Yeah, they’re just rocks, but these guys have permanently altered the scenery that took Mother Nature 20 million years to create. They weren’t thinking about anyone else’s safety when they did this. That’s a lie they invented to cover up their wantonness.


  5. I love that you called them Nincompoops! That word isn’t used enough anymore.


  6. Another incident of a few yahoos making sure we can’t have nice things.


  7. Definitely nincompoops! Why is it people think they have the right to deface parks?


  8. This is the result of ignorance, pure and simple. Throw the book at them. AND make them study f’ing geology.


  9. Is being an obnoxious moron a felony? Because those guys are guilty.

    Smashing stuff up for da lulz is the sort of crap you expect from teenagers, not grown men.


  10. These clowns have impressed on young people a disregard for public property and they should be removed from leadership in the BSA and have their membership revoked. They have destroyed PUBLIC property a 200 million year old rock formation and by doing so have prevented generations of the PUBLIC from enjoying it. If it had been a museum piece such as a painting or sculpture, what would the penalty be? I would think more than a misdemeanor. Then this idiot is feigning a disability to abuse the system. Isn’t that fraud?


    • I certainly think it’s fraud!

      When you add the STUPIDITY FACTOR involved in the recording and posting online of video proof of their crime it makes you wonder what other things these goons have taught kids to do that they were actually smart enough to keep quiet. These are the type of men that create the next generation of vandals and bullies. Apparently, the BSA is “shocked and disappointed by this reprehensible behavior“, as well they should be, and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.


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