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Ovation: CNN Poll Indicates Majority Believe Most Republicans In Congress Do Not Deserve Re-Election.


CNNPollI guess people have been paying attention after all.  Throughout the partial U.S. Government shutdown that all but crippled the nation’s economy during the first half of the month, it seemed that people on both sides of every issue eventually came to agree on one thing … representatives in Congress did not appear to be working for their constituents as much as they did for their parties.

Last weekend, ORC International conducted an international survey for CNN.  In the poll, eight hundred forty-one adults nationwide were questioned by telephone and the findings were released yesterday.  Here are some tidbits that you may or may not find surprising.  (The survey’s overall sampling error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.)

  • With more than a year to go until the 2014 midterm elections, Democrats have an eight-point advantage over the Republicans in an early indicator in the battle for control of Congress.
  • Eighty percent believe the shutdown was bad for the country and the standoff has led to a loss of confidence and satisfaction in government.
  • Seventy percent of respondents believe another shutdown is likely when current funding for the federal government runs out in the middle of next January.
  • Seventy percent said that most member of Congress do not deserve to be re-elected.
  • Forty percent say that their own representative doesn’t deserve another term.

“Although incumbent members of Congress of both parties are not very popular, the shutdown seems to have only affected views of GOP incumbents.” – CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

  • Seventy-five percent of people questioned in the survey said that most congressional Republicans don’t deserved to be re-elected, 21 percentage points higher than the fifty-four percent who say most Democrats don’t deserve another term in office.
  • Only twenty percent say most Republicans deserve to be re-elected while forty-two percent say the same thing about Democrats on Capitol Hill.
  • Without naming any candidates, fifty percent of respondents indicate that they would vote for the Democrat in their district while forty-two percent would back a Republican candidate.
  • Fifty-six percent think the Republican party is too extreme.
  • Fifty-two percent say that the policies of the Democrats are generally mainstream.

“Any connection with the tea party movement isn’t helping the GOP.  Six in 10 Americans now believe that the tea party movement is too extreme; only one in four consider it to be generally mainstream.” – CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

  • Fifty-two percent say congressional Republicans were more responsible for the shutdown, with thirty-four percent blaming the President.
  • Sixty-four percent believe the President had more of his demands met to end the shutdown.
  • Twenty percent believe the Republicans in Congress were the winners.
  • Fifty-five percent of the public say the Republican strategy to link the dismantling of parts of the Affordable Care Act to funding the government was a mistake.

Only a third of the people polled say they have a great deal or “some” confidence in the people who run the nation’s government and only fourteen percent say they are satisfied with the way the nation is being governed.  In September of 1973, when the Watergate crisis was in full swing, polls indicated that twenty-six percent of the nation was still satisfied with the way the nation was being governed.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Not at all surprised by the results, with one exception, I am more hopeful for January/ February than many, as Congress cannot be that stupid….but then I might be surprised. My hope is there will be a few surprising bellweather results in three weeks during the elections, which are small in nature.


  2. Barneysday permalink

    The problem remains, as it always has been, people say to “throw the bums out, except for my guy, he’s ok.” Thus these idiots continually get re-elected. By 2014, all of this will have been forgotten. As much as I’d like to believe my friend BTG is correct, I think we will have another cliff come December and again in January.


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Couple things…polls can be a funny thing, depending how they are presented. I’ve heard them likened to a “bikini” – revealing much but concealing the crucial. Were those polled asked if they were registered Democrats or Republicans? These excerpts did not say. If there was an imbalance, the results would be moot.
    Also, consider that we could be equally disgusted with both sides because the fact is they both refused to negotiate. “I will not move forward with ANYTHING (shutdown) unless this ONE thing (New healthcare law) is/is not changed.” Signed, democrats AND republicans.


    • Of course you’re right. Most believe that polls are often manipulated to present a desired outcome depending on circumstances. It’s my understanding that this particular poll did ask the respondents how they were registered.

      There I times that I marvel at the amount of disrespect aimed at the office of the President of the United States. Those who don’t like the man behind the desk forget that the President is still the leader of the nation and, at the end of the day, he’s still the boss. It’s as if they forget that he was elected to the position.

      I also agree that we could be equally disgusted with both sides. I think we should be … and every single representative in Washington should be worried about their future in politics. It appears to me that Congress needs new blood and the fringe Republicans should retire before they drive young people even further from the party.


    • A giant hand clap for you, Anonymous.


  4. I kind of agree with Barneysday. i’m hoping, HOPING, that folks don’t forget come election time what the GOP did, and i’m hoping, HOPING, the Dems won’t let them forget.


    • It’s up to each and every one of us to remember come election time how we’ve felt throughout this whole fiasco. It’s also important to remind friends and neighbors of the importance of each and every vote … and make sure they don’t let theirs go to waste.


  5. Let’s hope people remember this when it comes to election time.


  6. I don’t believe ANYONE in Congress should be re-elected. ANY. ONE. I’m not a crazy right winger or a hippie liberal. I’m not a tea party supporter or an independent. I’m an American citizen that pays too much in taxes, has entirely TOO MUCH of my paycheck removed for medical benefits ($800 per month for my family of four, through my husband’s employer) and a mom that is concerned for the future of this country for my children.

    Not only do I believe all incumbents should be replaced in Washington, I believe some sort of absolute reform should be done in politics in general to take the influence of money away. The millions of dollars put to use to lie and sling mud and generally pay off politicians while they run for office and then especially while they are in office is criminal.

    This may not make me popular with your readers or even my own family, but I am tired. I have lived my whole adult life with the firm belief that discussing politics, just like religion, is just bad manners. I can’t continue to hold my tongue with the absolute idiocy that is being displayed as of late.


    • Preach it, sister! We’ve all been raised to think that discussing religion and politics in mixed company is bad manners but it’s about time we all speak up and let our voices be heard. The days of our country being run by rich white men are behind us and we all should be just as tired as you are!


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