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Ovation: The Return Of Wes Monroe’s Lost Wallet.


WesMonroeI’m a creature of habit.  I tend to be “brand loyal”, order the same dish at the same restaurants and I always fill my car’s tank with gas from the exact same pump at the same station on my way to work.  I always stop in the morning, because the station is on the right hand side of the road, and more often than not I’ll run inside for a cup of what I call “gas station cappuccino”.  This particular pump is very slow to deliver the gasoline to the gar and I’ve learned that I have plenty of time to run inside for coffee and back out to the car before the pump stops pumping.  I routinely set my coffee on the roof of my car as I go about replacing the nozzle and capping off my tank.  Sadly, there has been more than one occasion where I have driven off with a cup of coffee on my roof.

Wes Monroe, a freshman at Iowa State University, lost his wallet last month when he left it on the roof of his car and drove away after filling his tank on the way to class one morning.  It fell onto an entrance ramp as he drove onto a highway and was later discovered by Laura Diers, a mother of four from Boone, Iowa.  Diers found the wallet and the driver’s license and college ID it contained and decided to return it to its young owner … but not before adding a ten-dollar bill and a short note filled with motherly advice.

I found your wallet on the side of the road by Highway 30 in Ames.  I know it is easy to get a new license but I thought you might like your wallet & the pictures inside of it.  I hope things are going well for you at ISU and you are all settled in.  Study hard, but also have some fun & experience life! …

Diers, 41, mailed the wallet to the address on Monroe’s driver’s license, which turned out to be his parents’ home, and they were thrilled to learn that someone was thoughtful enough to take the time to return their son’s lost items.

“I’ve been in those positions where it would’ve been really nice to get some encouragement from somebody.” – Laura Diers.

Apparently, Monroe is also a creature of habit.  Apparently, that wasn’t the first morning that he shoved his debit card into his pocket after paying for his gas at the pump, left his wallet on top of his car and drove off.  He had done the same thing once before in high school but was lucky enough to retrace his route and find it.

Monroe spent the ten dollars on gas, which he says is “pretty much what I do with all my money … gas or food”, and he has written a thank-you not to the thoughtful woman who found his wallet.

Would you have returned Monroe’s wallet?


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  1. Yes – I’ve done that 2x and returned cell phones 3x. But was only really thanked 2x.


  2. Definitely! I have chased people down in the street to give them back something they dropped. I would appreciate it if someone did the same for me.


  3. Yes. A cab driver shared a similar story where she lost her wallet and Grateful Dead tickets. Since the concert was that day, the finder attended the concert (assuming there was no way to get the tickets to her in time). So, he mailed the wallet with extra money as a reimbursement for the tickets.


  4. Of course I would have returned the wallet. Do unto others and all that.


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