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Diatribe: The Depends Shields And Guards For Men Commercial.


depends-guardsI’ve always been taught that everything happens for a reason.  I’ve also wondered about the purpose of many things.  We could all agree, for example, that life would be just fine without mosquitoes or Kardashians but they surely must serve a purpose or they would cease to exist.  The laws of supply and demand would see to that, right?

I imagine that, at one time or another, we’ve all come across something that made us think “I wonder who thought THIS would be a good idea?”  Sometimes the goofy ideas catch on, like Pet Rocks or Gummy Worms, and other times they’re just too ridiculous to imagine.  Of course, these peculiar items might have legions of fans who are too shy or embarrassed to admit that they approve.

Case in point … Depends Shields and Guards for Men.


If this product, intended to be discreet and comfortable while guarding against drips and dribbles of wetness, is something that a man might find to be a beneficial addition to his life I’d like to think he would learn about it from his physician and not from a commercial that he happens upon during an obscure sports program or a late-night re-run of COPS.  For years we’ve been subjected to uncomfortable to watch commercials featuring incontinent women who can’t make it through a business meeting and now we have listen to these guys talk about their leakage problems.

Surely, for both men and for women, incontinence is no laughing matter but there simply must be a better way to advertise a product of this nature.  Television for feminine hygiene products have been airing for decades without making women look like blithering idiots.  Men deserve the same.


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  1. You have to wonder what is the next thing to become standard fare advertising?
    I’ve heard of something that will filter spontaneous gaseous venting.


  2. You’re intelligent, informed and know how to ask questions. It shouldn’t surprise you that too many people aren’t and with the baby boomers getting older and older everyday – this is an expanding (prostrate) market so it’s means more money and more competition. Expect a lot more.

    BTW – I love that Tena flex commercial! The jingle is catchy (just like tena flex) and those ladies can twist!

    @TheDogsMother – where can I get me some of those? I eat a lot of fiber! 😉


  3. Barneysday permalink

    A question in response to thedogsmother: Does that filter on gaseous venting work on politicians???


  4. I was about to write a pithy comment on how we have lost all ability to be discreet when I saw that the ad at the bottom of this post was:

    MR PEANUT ON THE POWER OF THE PEANUT. So now all I can do is giggle.


  5. Makes me think of the female astronaut who drove from Houston to Florida wearing astronaut diapers so she did not have to stop. Isn’t it ironic these and the Cialis/ Viagra commercials occur during the golf tournaments and football games?


  6. As an incontinent & a married woman, I can tell you there are a lot of people out there who would not discuss this problem with their doctor (even if there is a perfectly good medical reason). My husband would do just about anything rather than admit to our doctor he had an incontinence problem (if he did). I think there are other men out there in similar circumstances, so to see a rough & tumble guy talk about it on TV makes it more acceptable I would think. Personally, I think it’s about time men admitted to having some of the embarrassing problems too!


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