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Diatribe: Halloween Is On October 31st … Even If It Rains.


UntitledLast summer, during the first week of July, there was a series of what felt like never-ending thunderstorms.  The ground was quickly saturated and creeks and streams quickly filled to unusually high levels for that time of year.  It seemed that the topic of conversation focused entirely on the possibility of rain interrupting Independence Day fireworks celebrations.  Authorities in several local municipalities worked diligently to reschedule the fireworks celebrations.  I thought they should simply be cancelled.  After all, you can’t reschedule the fourth day of July.

Now they’re trying to reschedule Halloween because it’s going to rain.

Cities across the Midwest and most of the eastern half of the United States are moving their “official” trick-or-treat times because of severe weather predictions.  Are parents no longer capable of determining whether or not they should keep their children inside and out of the rain?

I think this is ridiculous.  When I was a kid and it rained on Halloween night, we either got wet when we went trick-or-treating or we didn’t go.  Changing the date wasn’t an option and it shouldn’t be today.

When it comes to passing out candy on my front porch I’m the only one that gets to determine when it happens.  At my house, Halloween is on October 31st … even if it rains.

Do you think it’s alright to reschedule Halloween because of bad weather?


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  1. I must confess as a parent, I would prefer Halloween be on a weekend night. That candy gives them a sugar rush. We are lucky this year as the kids are out of school tomorrow on a Teacher Workday. As for rescheduling because of the rain, some won’t get the annoucement and be left unprepared. And, weather predictions are not infallible.


    • I think it’s absurd for a community to reschedule trick-or-treating. I can’t imagine the nerve it would take for a parent to approach my door on the night of November 1st and tell me that I’m “supposed” to give their child candy because it rained the night before!


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    Leftover candy here goes out to The Engineer’s work on November 1st!


    • We have a similar rule at our house. Unfortunately, everyone in my office will bring leftovers on November 1st and there will be even more temptation at the office!


  3. No, don’t re-schedule Hallowe’en! If the weather is going to be this bad then communities can make a concerted effort to take the trick or treating indoors in a local community club or something. If communities plan ahead, they can ask all the neighbors to donate their candy to an indoor celebration.


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