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Ovation: Glow-In-The-Dark Ice Cream.


GlowInTheDarkIceCreamAs a teen, I was thrilled by just about anything that glowed in the dark.  At one time I saved up enough money to buy a “black light” bulb at Spencer Gifts and a neon psychedelic poster to hang on the wall of my bedroom.  I was fascinated by the way that anything white would glow so brightly.  I wanted glow-in-the-dark stickers shaped like stars to put on the ceiling in my bedroom so that it looked like I was outdoors when I lay in bed at night.

Basically, I thought everything was better if it glowed in the dark.

Now, a British foodie has created what might become the next big craze … glow-in-the-dark ice cream.  Inventor and entrepreneur Charlie Francis, founder of the Lick Me I’m Delicious ice cream company, synthesized the protein that gives jellyfish their glow similar to the way that scientists produced glowing bunnies earlier this year.

“It’s glow in the dark jellyfish ice cream using calcium activated proteins that react when they are agitated, or to put it a non sciencey way, it glows when you lick it.” – Charlie Francis.

Apparently, the particular protein reacts to the pH of the, which is neutral.  When one licks the ice cream, the tongue warms up the protein in the ice cream, raising its pH level and producing the glow.

It appears that there’s no reason to think that the ice cream is anything but safe to eat.

Sadly, those with an urge to try the glow-in-the-dark dessert should be prepared to pay top dollar.  A single scoop currently goes for 140 British pounds or about two hundred twenty-five dollars in the United States … which would buy an awful lot of black light bulbs.

Would you eat glow-in-the-dark ice cream?


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  1. Sorry but this is a major Diatribe for me. I like my ice-cream pure. Besides, my hand needs no help guiding my spoon to the ice-cream (it’s like radar or sonar) and getting it safely to my mouth where it belongs. 🙂


  2. I guess it is a gimmick to charge more. Probably has a nice a mark up. I think I would buy one out of curiosity, but….the gimmickry would wear off.


  3. No, I like my food to look more natural. I would be scared of any ingredients like this. Plus would my tummy glow from the inside as it digests?


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    When we were young my brother was stung by a jelly fish and hallucinated that there was bear standing in the corner of our cabin. That’s it for me and jelly fish…. no, no, no!


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