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Diatribe: Cry Me A River On Payday, Mariah Carey.


MariahCareyAt one time, when I was in college, I had four different part-time jobs.  Keeping up with my work schedule was a nightmare.  Three of the positions were on campus and the fourth was at a pizza restaurant several blocks away.  When I agreed to the position I was told that I would be doing one thing but it turned out that my responsibilities were considerably different.  I hated that job.  I complained about the job on occasion but I stuck with it until the end of the school year because I had made a commitment and I needed the extra spending money.

I didn’t whine about it after the fact like poor Mariah Carey.

Carey recently spoke about her time working as a judge on American Idol.  Although her days on the reality television program with Randy Jackson, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj, she said earlier this week that the experience was like “going to work every day in hell with Satan.”

Apparently, when she agreed to a one-season commitment for a then record-breaking $18 million she was expecting to be on a three-person panel and was excited to work with her friend, Jackson, who had played bass for her in the past.  The addition of Minaj after she had signed her contract added friction and led to some famous feuding.

Cry me a river, Mariah Carey … an eighteen million dollar river.  All you had to do was show up, critique some singing and look pretty.  I’ve lost bit of respect for Carey after hearing how ungrateful and elitist she appears to be.  Seriously … if judging American Idol for eighteen million dollars per season is like “going to work every day in hell with Satan”, what does she think real people do for a living?


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  1. She’s an idiot.


  2. Barneysday permalink

    You say you lost all respect for Carey. Why, would you have ever had any respect for her in the first place? She’s no brainiac, a spoiled diva according to press accounts, hasn’t contributed to the betterment of mankind in any lasting way, and like so many of the “stars” of today, is famous for her over the top behavior. If this is a “star” we’ve lost all perspective as a nation.


  3. She does have talent, but that does not mean it goes hand in hand with good judgment. There are better role models in this industry whose voices should be heard on issues of import.


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    Also once worked at a pizza place while in college. Never could go back into that chain as the smell of the pizza turned my stomach forever after.


  5. I’ve never had respect for her…ever…. She’s always been whiny, her music has always been subpar, and she goes well out of her way to sell sex over her music, which always falls flat. I don’t think she’s talented in the slightest. And its a shame that she gets selected for her name instead of anything else.


  6. And how many days did she actually have to show up? How many days were the auditions? You can add in travel, but still….


  7. Reminds me of an arrogant NBA player about 10 years ago that turned down a $15 Million PER YEAR contract, saying it was an insult because he had to “feed his family”………… I don’t think Mariah or that Basketball player ever worked a minimum wage job in their lives……..


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