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Ovation: Figure Skater Patrick Chan Wins Trophee Bompard For Fourth Time.


patrick_chan_jpg_size_xxlarge_letterboxFor many years I was an avid figure skating fan.  I would watch the competitions on television every chance that I got.  I would count the days until the Campbell’s Soup Champions On Ice tour came to town.  I even subscribed to International Figure Skaters magazine.  I knew the names of all the skaters and their coaches, who among them was on the fast track to the Olympic Games and who was considered an up-and-coming young athlete to watch.  Figure skating features a unique combination of athleticism and artistry that I found completely fascinating.

(Plus the skaters had nice legs and great butts.)

Just as I was beginning to understand the subjective manner in which the sport was scored, they changed the rules.  Suddenly, it seemed to me that the sport became 85% athletics and only 15% artistry.  All of the focus shifted to the increasingly difficult quadruple jumps that were quickly becoming high-scoring leaps at the expense of beautiful and graceful movements.

I quickly lost interest.

Canada’s Patrick Chan, 22, could be reason to get excited about men’s figure skating again.  Yesterday, the reigning and three-time world champion delivered a world-record score at the fifth Grand Prix competition of the season, Trophee Bompard in Paris, scoring a 196.75 in the free skate for 295.27 total to win the gold medal.  Chan had scored a record-breaking 98.52 for his short program the previous evening.

After what many considered a flawless performance in the short program, he cleanly-landed two quadruple jumps and seven triples in his long program.  Overall, Chan achieved the highest ever scores in all three categories this weekend: the short program, the free skate and the overall score.  Many in the know believe him to be the favorite to win gold at the Sochi Olympics next February.

I might just watch.  Will you?


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  1. When I was growing up and the Olympics were on, my Mom watched nothing but the Figure Skating, and we only had one TV, so we all watched Figure Skating. (Dorothy Hamill era) I’m not afraid to admit that I still enjoy watching the skating to this day. You are right. It’s far less about artistry and more about who can do the most and the biggest jumps these days. I’ll be eager to see Chan skate, because I have never seen him, seeing as how the US Networks only seem to show skating during the Olympics and at no other time.


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    Yup we’ll be watching and wishing him much luck – go Canada! 😉


  3. Like you, I used to watch a lot of figure skating, but I stopped after the voting debacle with the French judge when our clearly superior Canadian skaters David Pelletier and Jamie Soleil were given the silver medal after a flawless performance at the Olympics. I am glad for some of the changes they brought into the judging where a some random judge’s score doesn’t count but no one knows whose score won’t count. It definitely makes it more fair.


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