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Ovation: Alex Newell’s Most Unique Performance Ever.


NewllI first heard Alex Newell sing when I watched season one of The Glee Project on the Oxygen Channel.  The series served as an audition for the FOX musical comedy series Glee and the prize for the winner was a minimum seven-episode storyline in the following season of the show.  Newell didn’t win the competition but, as runner up, he won the hearts of viewers and producers with his musicality, his unusual back story and his extraordinary vocal range.  He also won a two-episode arc on Glee.

Newell first appeared in a season three episode as Wade “Unique” Adams, a young transgender student who wants nothing more than to perform in competition.  When she appears on stage in the Glee Club Regionals competition, Unique is a success and is promoted to show choir star.  In the fourth season of Glee, Unique became a recurring character.

In the most recent episode of Glee, Unique is forced to use the boys room where she gets bullied by some of the school’s jocks who pull off her wig and flush it down a toilet.  Unique then sings an emotional rendition of “If I Were A Boy”, the hauntingly beautiful ballad originally recorded by Beyoncé in 2008.

The emotion in his voice is palpable.  His lip synching skills are spot on.  His character is believable.  It’s a marvelous performance.

While it’s certainly true that Newell’s role as Unique could prove to be his one and only but, with a performance of a lifetime like this one, it could be enough.  He’s either bested Beyoncé or made her proud with this beautiful rendition of her song.

Did you enjoy this performance?


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  1. WOW. Thanks for sharing.


  2. permalink

    Lip syncing?


    • Probably. I think all of the performances on GLEE are pre-recorded.


      • Jenn permalink

        But, still their own voices … You mean when the show is filmed the actors lip synch their own songs (instead of singing them live to tape)? That makes sense.


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