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Ovation: Giving To A Local Food Bank At The Supermarket Checkout.


FoodBankStatistically, it has been estimated that one out of six people is hungry and that as many as seventeen million American children go to bed hungry each night.  No longer is it just the homeless people on the street hoping for a helping hand, but every day millions of people are struggling to feed their families.  No one is immune to the economic hardships of today.

Most people tend to think about hunger during the holiday season.  Perhaps because many people who would not otherwise ask for food do so at Thanksgiving in order to give their families something for which to give thanks, there are an extraordinary amount of food drives that occur right around the holiday.  In my town, the supermarkets make it easy by providing coupons at the checkout lanes.

Shoppers can choose from three different levels of giving and present the appropriate coupon to the cashier who scans the coupon’s bar code and the amount of the donation is added to the shopper’s purchase.  The store keeps track, adds it all up and gives the cash donation to the food bank to purchase what they need to meet the demand at their facility.

This convenient method to donate will likely be available through the end of the year.  I wish they would keep it year-round as an opportunity to help the hungry in our community.  Surely, the little coupons don’t cost much and there’s virtually no effort required on the part of the supermarket or its staff so the pros certainly outweigh any cons.

Do you donate to a local food bank?  Would you give more often if it was easy to add a donation at the supermarket checkout?


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  1. Well said. You are dead on accurate that food bank donations are needed year round. A food bank manager in my city told me that donating money is better than donating food, as they can leverage the money better to get more (and less outdated) food. Great post, BTG


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    Right now our supermarket has canisters out at every counter and you can turn over your *$10* savings coupon for the drive. I found it heartening when a friend’s son wanted to volunteer at the food bank and they are so over staffed with volunteers they are turning away people.


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