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Ovation: Dancing Bears.


The Wall Street Jubilee

Many years ago I was given a reproduction of a painting of dancing bears.  The gift, mounted and framed under glass, has brought me countless hours of joy over the years.  To this day, it seems that every time I look at it I see something different.  The painting titled The Wall Street Jubilee (also known as The Bears of Wall Street Celebrating a Drop in the Stock Market) by American artist William Holbrook Beard (1824-1900) contains images of dozens of bears engaged in human activity.  Some are dancing, others are eating while many appear to be simply lounging about.  When friends visit and notice the piece, I ask them “Which one are you?” and they always find a bear that they think represents their personality.

Recently, fifty-two-year-old physical education teacher and photographer, Valtteri Mulkahainen, happened upon a trio of baby brown bears while he was travelling through Finland.  According to Solent News, he watched the cubs, two boys and a girl, hold each other’s hands and dance around in a circle while their mother watched from just a few feet away.

Could this BE any more adorable?  If I stumbled across something like this I imagine I’d stay and watch for as long as I could.  Of course, the battery in my camera would be dead so I wouldn’t be able to capture the moment.

Without a doubt, when I see myself in the painting, I’m the one at the picnic table looking over my shoulder to see what’s going on.  Because without fail when I’m seated at a table at in a restaurant, cafeteria or picnic area, the action is always behind me.

Which bear would YOU be?


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  1. Terrific. I can bear-ly contain myself.


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