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Diatribe: What The @&^# Were These People Thinking?!


wtf-buttonsLast weekend, either I must have been in a particularly observant/grumpy mood or I encountered an awful lot of “peculiar”.  Do you ever notice people doing, saying, wearing or just generally being strange, stupid or unusual and wonder to yourself “What the @&^# were they thinking?!”

Saturday was our first really cold day so far this fall.  The afternoon temperatures were in the mid-thirties and it was quite windy.  The television weather personalities (we used to call them “the weather man”) were using all their Doppler stuff to scare the children and old people into staying indoors.  Saturday’s “feels like” temperature (we used to call it “wind chill”) was only in the teens so it really was quite cold.  Yet, I encountered a young mother pushing a stroller with a shoeless, hatless and coatless toddler riding inside.  What the @&^# was she thinking?!

Just the day before I had been driving along a quiet, two-lane country road, travelling at the posted speed limit of forty-five miles per hour, not another car in sight when, suddenly, a man in a small pick-up truck pulled out of a driveway and right in front of me to travel in the same direction.  There was no traffic behind me yet he felt the need to pull out in front of me, forcing me to hit my brakes, so that he wouldn’t have to follow me.  Needless to say, his top speed going forward was forty-four miles per hour.  What the @&^# was he thinking?!

Later that night I saw two middle-aged women dressed in footie pajamas buying flavored vodka in a liquor store.  What the @&^# were they thinking?

Sunday night, during the live broadcast of the American Music Awards, Miley Cyrus performed her hit song “Wrecking Ball” dressed in a skimpy cat bikini and standing in front of a giant floating video kitten that lip-synched along with her.  What the @&^# was she thinking?!

This morning I made a quick stop at the grocery store.  I needed toothpaste and a couple cans of dog food.  The place was a madhouse because snow was in the forecast and Thanksgiving is just days away.  I took my toothpaste and dog food to the Ten-Items-Or-Less checkout lane where I found myself behind a woman who had unloaded onto the conveyor belt enough food to serve a feast to a family of  twelve.  What the @&^# was she thinking?!

I realize that it takes all kinds.  Some folks really do march to the beat of a different drummer (I imagine the pajama-clad vodka buyers might fit into this category), others might be absent-minded or forgetful (maybe freezing baby’s mama hadn’t seen a weather forecast in weeks) and there will always be folks who are just outright rude and inconsiderate (Ten-Items-Or-Less you ignorant twit!  Toothpaste + Dog Food = 2 items … Not your hoard!).

Pay attention today and count the number of “What the @&^# were they thinking?” moments that you encounter.  I’m certain that you’ll be surprised at how many times each day you can ask yourself that question when you really pay attention.

PS:  I cannot for the life of me imagine what the @&^# Miley Cyrus was thinking.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Holy cow, I see WTF moments all the time!
    It’s not just you. People are so oblivious or self absorbed its amazing. In the aisle next to the pajama’d boozers may likely have been a public-loud-cell phone-talker.
    Cyrus? I don’t know if she is thinking at all. Way off the cliff.


  2. I have not seen the footie pajama vodka drinkers, but when did it become OK to wear your pajamas into a store or restaurant? Maybe I should just wear a bathrobe and slippers the next time I go into Chick Fil A. Happy Thanksgving to all of us crazy people.


  3. You’re giving Miley too much credit. As for the other people, I trace it all back to lack of manners. Even in cases where people do use them, they are unaware of their true purpose. Manners are supposed to be used to show your respect for others AND for yourself – how you present yourself to the world around you.


    • For generations, parents taught their kids to use good manners. For some reason that seems to have stopped with the current batch of parents. I wonder if it’s because so many of them are letting electronics raise their kids for them.


  4. Barneysday permalink

    Why would you even assume Cryus can even think??? There is some seriously empty space up there between her ears.


    • LOL. I’m inclined to believe that she’s been trained like an organ grinder’s monkey to do/act/sing/dance/dress as she’s told throughout her entire life. Thinking for herself is not something she’s ever learned how to do.


  5. I feel your pain.

    I’m laughing right now, but I feel your pain!


  6. thedogs'mother permalink

    Worst one, letting a toddler run around the duck pond with bare feet.
    Ground carpeted in duck and goose poo…


  7. Well, we can always depend on “people” to do the strangest things at the strangest times. Why? Seems to be what we, as humans, have evolved into and many just don’t care any more. I await the day when we can actually weed out the population that has such behavioral traits, my old man tells me just wait son, one day they will breed themselves into extinction. I’m still waiting.


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