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Diatribe: “Affluenza” My Ass.


AffluenzaLife’s not always fair.  If I allow myself to give too much thought, for example, to the price that I pay for an airline ticket while I’m actually mid-flight I wonder why everyone on the play may or may not have paid the same price for their seats.  After all, each seat is leaving and landing at the exact same time so logic says that they value of the seats should be somehow similar.  I long ago gave up trying to understand how the price of a hotel room is determined.  It really seems quite random.  And, with increasing frequency, it appears to me that the more affluent among us don’t seem to think many rules apply to them.

Never have I heard a story as outrageous as that of 16-year-old Ethan Couch who was recently sentenced to just ten years probation for the drunk driving crash that ended the lives of four people last June.  A psychologist testified for the defense that Couch suffered from what he called “affluenza,” a condition in which his family felt that wealth bought privilege and there was no rational link between behavior and consequences and a Fort Worth, Texas, judge appears to have agreed with him.

Apparently, this kid’s parents never punished him for his bad behavior … and some of it had been pretty downright awful.

Too rich and too privileged to know the difference between right and wrong … a pretty disgusting concept, if you ask me.

Instead of prison, this killer brat will be sent to a private counseling center that will cost his father about $450,000.00.  It seems clear to me that the judge in this case somehow took into consideration the liquid assets of the defendant’s parents before the pain and suffering of the families of the four victims.

I’m disgusted by this judge’s decision.

UPDATE 02/06/14: Judge orders Ethan Couch to rehab.

UPDATE 03/18/14: Familes Agree to Settlement in “Affluenza” Teen Case.

UPDATE 08/20/14: Father of Ethan Couch arrested for impersonating a police officer.

UPDATE 12/19/15: Texas “Affluenza” Teen, Ethan Couch, and his mother, are on the run!

UPDATE 12/29/15: Ethan Couch, and his mother, detained in Mexico.


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  1. What a travesty The victims of the spoiled little rich kid must be seeing red, as would any sane person. We are regressing as a society, I thunk.


  2. I guess great minds think alike: I have a post about this myself.

    I never really believed that money guaranteed you being treated differently until i read this case.

    It sickens me what that judge did.


  3. The pawns don’t matter in the game of the affluence. I hope they bring civil suit against him for a wrongful death.


  4. After years of working with kids, including in Juvie, I would think I’m unshockable but this one did.


  5. Really? Throw the parents in jail for child abuse if they didn’t teach their child right from wrong! Enough already!


  6. Rum Punch Drunk permalink

    Unbelievable. It seems like money still has a voice, especially in this case. And what a wrong message to send out to everyone in society. Those parents who had their loved ones killed must be feeling completely defeated and let down.
    I’m wondering if such a decision can be appealed or overturned in some way.


  7. So no one taught him there are consequences for his actions, including the justice system. Nice.


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