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Diatribe: Away In A Manger No Room Cause There’s Cats.


nativity-cats-2-600x450Our Christmas tree sometimes interferes with the thermostat in our home.  There are so many lights on the tree that, when they’re all lit, the temperature in the room rises to the point that our furnace doesn’t always heat the rest of the house to the desired level of comfort.  It usually doesn’t present much of a problem unless we forget to turn off the lights when we go to bed at night.  When this happens, we wake to a house that’s quite cold in the bedrooms.

The only member of the household that appreciates these oversights is our cat.  Our cat loves to lie beneath our Christmas tree.  Each year when we stand our Christmas tree in front of the window in the front room to decorate it for the holidays, our cat is at our feet.  We truly believe that he recognizes the tree and is eager to snuggle beneath the warmth of its lights.  As we decorate, we make a point of arranging the gifts beneath the tree in such a way that there’s a tunnel for the cat to maneuver into position near the trunk where he seems to think he’ll be the warmest.

Feral cats in Red Hook, Brooklyn, get cold, too, and they are making a local outdoor nativity scene their oasis from the cold.  Sisters Annette and Sue Amendola have put up the manger scene in a lot next to their New York City home for more than ten years.  The sisters say the cats knock the Baby Jesus statue out their way so they can cozy up between the Virgin Mary and Joseph.

I’m quite certain that my cat would push the Baby Jesus out of his way to get to his spot under our Christmas tree to get to his warm spot each December.  Surely, he means no disrespect.


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  1. The twins first Christmas (they were 5 months old) we put the tree in a playpen.


  2. Aren’t all creatures the same under God’s eyes?


  3. Our cats have climbed into our Christmas tree and knocked it down.


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