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Ovation: It’s A Good Day When Your Eyeglasses Deflect Stray Bullets.


GlassesFor quite some time, I used reading glasses for “close work”.  I kept a pair in my car, at my desk, in the kitchen, by the sofa and even in the bathroom … everywhere that I thought I might need to read.  But, no matter how many pairs of these glasses I bought, I never seemed to have them handy when I needed them.  Without fail, I’d have trouble reading menus or filling out credit card slips so I relented, saw an optometrist and bought a pair of glasses with progressive lenses that I could wear all day long.

They’ve taken some getting used to, but I’m glad that I decided to wear them.  As anyone who uses progressive lenses knows, it takes a while to learn how to wear them correctly.  I had trouble, at first, determining where to look through the lens to see items at various distances but it’s become second nature.  Having only one pair of glasses has proven to be much more convenient than my old system.  My new glasses have not, however, saved my life.

A sixteen-year-old Olympia, Washington, girl was asleep on her living room sofa at about 9:40 p.m. on Saturday when shots were fired from a dark-colored sedan as it passed her house.  Several bullets went through the walls of the house and one through the front window.  One of these bullets struck the bridge of the girl’s glasses and was deflected so she avoided serious injury.  There were several other people in the house at the time but no other injuries were reported.  Authorities believe the home was target in what was likely a gang-related shooting, but the girl was not the intended victim.

No arrests have been made in the shooting.

The odds of that bullet hitting the bridge of her glasses are so remote that she is very lucky to be alive.  Without her glasses, the resulting gunshot wound would surely have been lethal.  While having a new pair of glasses has slightly improved my life, this young girl continues to have her life only because of her glasses.

What a peculiar comparison.


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  1. Talk about channeling your inner Clark Kent. She is so fortunate. Best wishes D&O. Have great holiday season, BTG


  2. thedogs'mother permalink

    Good grief. Olympia. The last place you’d think of a drive-by shooting. Glad the girl is


  3. I’ve never thought of glasses as life savers!


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