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Ovation: Guest Post – Jennifer Lawrence … Period.

photo credit: MingleMediaTVNetwork via photopin cc

photo credit: MingleMediaTVNetwork via photopin

There’s probably just one thing in the world that doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence and it’s that staircase she tripped on during the 2013 Academy Awards.

Cliche or not, Jennifer is the type of lady that makes girls want to be her (or at least share biffle necklaces with her) and guys want to date her. Generally, a girl that all the guys like makes other girls nuts and quick to tear her to shreds, but that’s not the case with Jenny (let’s pretend we’re already friends and using the less-formal version of her name).

Here’s a list of all of the things to love about J-Law:

1. Doesn’t matter if she’s talking to some reporter at a red carpet event or a sales associate at Target, she’ll tell it like it is. She told a reporter once at the Oscar’s that she was starving; another time, she interrupted her Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson when he was being interviewed to jokingly ask him about his rash.

Girls who don’t take themselves seriously, especially girls with great hair and a killer chest, are just awesome.

GuestBlogger2. She makes really weird faces in public. We all make faces in public, but we’re not cool enough to be filmed. Jennifer Lawrence has a camera on her mug all of the time – and knows it – and still makes oddball faces when telling a story or meeting other divine people. Google the time she met Jack Nicholson to get a glimpse of her excited face and preciously nerdy fangirl moment.

3. Maybe it’s because she grew up in such a normal place (Louisville, Kentucky for those of you unfamiliar with every detail and nuance of her life) and not the nightmare hole of Hollywood that she just seems so easy to relate to. She said in an interview once that when she has a day where she has nothing to do that she doesn’t even wear pants. Clearly, she is the soul mate to millions of pantless people out there in the world.

4. You know all those bad movies you watch on Netflix? J-Law watches them, too. And she talks about them in interviews and probably with her friends. If you can quote “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” and “Death Becomes Her” then chances are you’ll have no problem finding things to say to Ms. Lawrence.

5. The girl is a weirdo in the best way possible. She makes weird faces, loves bad movies, gets excited on the red carpet and doesn’t act like a refined zombie like Anne Hathaway, and, best of all, she stars in some damn good movies. Who isn’t excited to see her in American Hustle?

In a world full of people like Miley Cyrus, the Kardashian family, and everyone who takes themselves far too seriously, Jennifer Lawrence stands out like a lovable, nerdy beacon of light calling to all normal humans craving quality entertainment.

Bravo, Jenny. Thanks for not sucking.

Dana RasmussenDana Rasmussen is a freelance writer covering a wide variety of topics from famous people to online technology degrees.


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  1. I do tend to like Jennifer quite a bit.


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