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Diatribe: Which Is Crazier? Lemonade Master Cleanse Or Anti-Marriage Equality Hunger Strike?


Hunger-StrikeTwo of the worst weeks of my life are the fourteen days that I spent on the lemonade master cleanse. The trendy detox cleanse made popular by celebrities such as Beyoncé consisted of three parts … a lemonade-like beverage, a salt-water drink and an herbal laxative tea. The point of the cleanse was to detoxify my system by, essentially, cleaning my colon and readying my digestive system for a healthier future while helping me to lose weight rather quickly. The liquid diet had many side effects, not the least of which was irritability. My family thought I was going crazy and practically begged me to eat!

I wasn’t as crazy as Trestin Meacham.  The 35-year-old Utah man is allegedly refusing to eat anything until the state nullifies its recent decision to allow same-sex couples to get married.  After two weeks without food, surviving only on water and an occasional vitamin, he has lost twenty-five pounds.

“I cannot stand by and do nothing while this evil takes root in my home.  Some things in life are worth sacrificing one’s health and even life if necessary.  I am but a man, and do not have the money and power to make any noticeable influence in our corrupt system.  Nevertheless, I can do something that people in power cannot ignore.” – Trestin Meacham.

Meacham claims that he will fast until the Utah decides to nullify the court’s decision.  Perhaps his time would be better spent in a library learning to understand the concept.  Usually when someone goes on a hunger strike it’s because they have a personal stake in drawing attention to an issue.  It seems to me that Mr. Meacham might simply be looking for some time in the spotlight.

Twenty-five pounds in two weeks protesting marriage equality is just as crazy as the lemonade master cleanse.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    It is not worth his health and life – it is just plain stupid.


  2. Fasting for peace or for an end to war is one thing, but fasting because you don’t like The Gays being equal is stupid.


  3. Hot fat was this guy? 25 lbs is a huge amount of weight to loose in that time, even when you stop eating 100%. And since he didn’t protest prior to Utah, then just how worried about was he?


  4. First, let me say that I am PRO marriage equality. That being said, I do have to applaud him somewhat, even if it’s reluctantly. I think, all too often we have people who just sit by and let things happen. We’re apathetic (myself included), and say, “Oh, someone else will handle that. Global warming? Some scientist will figure it out. Healthcare? It’ll be fine in the end. The economy? Meh, whatever.”

    Hell, he might be an idiot, but at least he’s taking a stand. I mean, I’d hook that wingnut up to an IV, because he’s clearly wacko, but at least he’s a motivated, NON-VIOLENT wacko. Go ahead and skip McDonald’s… it’s not like you’re blowing people up.


  5. Barneysday permalink

    Or he’s just a whacko craving attention. Does he or anyone really expect the state to change anything just because of him?


  6. And, if they really don’t change it, next I will hold my breath. While you have to applaud his convictions, msiplaced sense of grandeur is in keeping with our narcissistic times.


  7. This guy just sounds like someone looking for his 15 minutes of fame!


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