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Ovation: London Collections: Men


LondonCollectionsMenOne of my guilty pleasures is Project Runway.  While, admittedly, I don’t enjoy it as much as I did in its earlier seasons, I find the fashion design reality competition program currently seen on the Lifetime Network quite entertaining.  Over the years the focus of the series, like many competition programs, has become more about the contestants than the competition and Project Runway appears to be following in kind.  But, when all is said and done, the fashion speaks for itself and there is usually some very interesting and creative design that results from each season’s finalists.

The fashion featured on the program, however, is almost exclusively for women.

Today, however, the eyes of the fashion industry will be fixed on London as the city prepares for its annual menswear shows, London Collections: Men, where more than fifty designers and brands are set to show their autumn/winter 2014 collection.  This season is said to be the biggest yet as London is, allegedly, luring many big names in design away from Milan.  Tom Ford, for example, has made London the home for his men’s collection, and Burberry brought its menswear show back from Milan last season, after ten years away.

Floral and large block stripes, which were present on Prada, Dries Von Noten, Moschino and Miharayasuhiro’s runway are expected to continue.  More 1950s influence is also expected as those in the know are not sure that men’s fashion is through with the current “Beat Generation” obsession.

As much as I enjoy watching fashion design on television, there is no way that I could ever do it and it’s even more preposterous to think that I might ever wear it.  The models that they use to feature the clothing that they design, both men and women, are often so unrealistically thin that they clothes don’t really look like clothes that normal people might wear.

It’s still so much fun to watch the ideas parade down the runway.  It’s like an art show that’s sewn together, accessorized and paraded to fun music!

Do you enjoy men’s fashion?


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  1. Rick permalink

    I too still watch Project Runway & Runway Allstars. I only watch via DVR. I hear the challenge, then skip over the workroom & all the false/manufactured drama and watch the runway and elimination.


  2. From a personal standpoint, the answer would be no. Yet, you did remind me of the old disco era song from the Weather Girls…”It’s raining men…” I will let you finish the song. :>)


  3. It is always enjoyable to watch the sheer panic designers get into when asked to design for men. We are looking forward to Tim Gunn’s new show.


  4. Never have watched this show & it doesn’t sound like I’ve missed much.


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