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Ovation: App-Controlled Smart Bartending!


PerfectDrinkI like to think that I’m reasonably good in the kitchen.  I can prepare the most complicated dishes and back any number of desserts with a reasonable amount of success as long as I have a recipe to follow.  Having reliable instructions to follow gives me enough confidence to tackle recipes that others might find overwhelming.  But for some reason I don’t have the same skill set when it comes to mixing cocktails.

I’ve always been amazed by the seemingly endless number and variety of cocktails that a bartender is expected to be able to prepare from memory.  Most of these drinks have names that give no indication as to the taste or the ingredients involved.  Often the only clue found in a cocktail’s moniker is its color.

Now, amateur bartenders everywhere can make perfect cocktails like the best mixologists.  Brookstone’s Perfect Drink consists of a smart scale which hooks up to a free app that’s pre-loaded with recipes.  Users place a glass on the scale and it detects how much of each ingredient has been poured and when it’s time to add the next one.

To help the process even further, if too much of one ingredient is used, the app updates the ratios in the recipe to compensate for the overly generous pour!  Users can choose from hundreds of drink recipes and same their own custom variations as they watch a virtual glass fill up on the screen of their tablet or smartphone.

It seems to me that a tool like this could revolutionize the “bar business” by making the preparation of cocktails consistent in both cost and quality.  It could also make for a delightful house party where guests could take turns in a spirited game of “spin the app”.  It could just be a matter of time before we see technology like this in our kitchens, too.


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  1. What I love about this is that without ever tasting a drink you should be able to make it and then know that how it tastes is the way it should. I make a lot of foods and drinks by recipe only and, having never tasted them, only know if I like it but not if I got it the way it was meant to be.

    More and more bars and clubs have electronic measuring primarily to control costs and track sales (theft) with the by-product being quality control.


  2. Cool. Now, if they add a breathalyzer to it, so someone can be limited if driving, that would be interesting.


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