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Diatribe: #Cheesepocalypse.


velveetaAt my house there is always cheese.  We actually keep several varieties on hand.  In the fridge at any given time we have sticks of string cheese for snacks, a packaged cheese ball for emergency happy hours, shredded cheddar to sprinkle on just about anything and a big box of individual slices of American cheese for sandwiches.

I take cheese for granted.  But I shouldn’t.

If social media is to be believed, a Cheesepocalypse may be upon us.  Supermarkets across the nation have confirmed that they haven’t received shipment of some Velveeta products for months and others have been sporadic with limited availability since before Christmas.  Eight-ounce packages, for example, have been missing from store shelves since September.

This is a bad time of year to run out of cheese.  NFL playoff games begin this weekend and nacho cheese made from Velveeta is a staple at many tailgate parties.  Kraft Foods Group, which makes Velveeta, has said that customers might not be able to find some of their products on store shelves for several weeks.

“This is really a short-term issue that’s more noticeable right now given the increased seasonal demand.  We have not heard many complaints from consumers so far.” – Kraft spokeswoman Jody Moore

Kraft has not elaborated on why the shortage has occurred or whether it would affect other Kraft products, specifically their famous mac & cheese products, the shortage was first reported by Advertising Age after a few stores on the east coast noted that they were running low on the product.

Velveeta, the velvety smooth cheese product that melts evenly over chips or noodles has been around for eighty-six years.  Where’d it go?  Could the Cheesepocalypse be a publicity stunt?  I won’t take the chance … I’m stocking up.


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  1. I kinda don’t think of Velveeta as real cheese so y’all can have whatever share might have been mine.


  2. Oh my. This is a key food group for Super Bowl parties. I guess we will need to use the real stuff.


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    Thank goodness popcorn is the food of choice for football games around here!


  4. I better not tell hubby – he’d want to stock up & I can’t stand the stuff!


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