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Ovation: The Pizza Shop That Delivered Medicine During Bad Weather.


FoxsPizzaDenI’ve recently learned that we have a bit of a reputation at the local pizza joint.  Our house is a bit off the beaten path, so to speak, and not within the boundaries of most nearby food delivery areas.  It never occurred to us when we bought the place that having a pizza delivered might take an act of Congress but, after some negotiating, we eventually established a good relationship with one pizza establishment in particular.  To ensure that the fresh hot pizzas keep coming, we’ve always tipped the drivers generously.

Over the years, we have placed dozens of orders and, with Caller ID now a common feature even on phones in pizza restaurants, we’re always greeted with enthusiasm when we phone in a request for a delivery.  Apparently, our tips have been generous as it has come to our attention that the drivers get excited when they see our address appear on their roster.  We had no idea!  I actually feel like a “valued customer”!

Fox’s Pizza Den in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, has recently been going the extra mile for some of their customers as well.  The western Pennsylvania restaurant about forty-five miles east of Pittsburgh is in a community that has a lot of elderly residents.  Earlier this week, when the region was hit with record-low, subzero temperatures, the restaurant’s owner, Tom Wynkoop, tweeted an offer to deliver prescription medicines and other supplies – no strings attached – to ill and elderly residents so they didn’t have to go outside in the bitter cold.

“You have to be there for your residents.” – Tom Wynkoop.

Wynkoop told those in need to call his cell phone to arrange the deliveries, assuring callers that they did not have to order food from Fox’s Pizza Den in order to get help.  While there were relatively few people who took advantage of the offer, the fact remains that it was out there on the table.  A big publicity stunt?  Perhaps … but so what?

I think it was a fantastic act of good will as well a wonderful bit of free publicity.  If it was my loved one who was spared a trip out into the cold for medicine, you can be certain that I would become a lifelong customer of Fox’s Pizza Den and that I would suggest that all my friends eat there, too.

Would you be more inclined to choose Fox’s Pizza Den because of this cold-weather delivery offer?


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  1. Lene permalink

    I sure would. Even if I didn’t need his services for delivery of meds, I would be grateful knowing it was available if needed.


  2. Absolutely. What a terrific gesture. “Being more than profits” is one the tenets of successful companies per the research and book called “Built to Last.” People will support organizations that go out of there way.


  3. thedogs'mother permalink

    We would too – if they were not clean across the country 🙂


  4. They’d have my business for sure! I remember one time Winnipeg got shut down in a blizzard & a bakery near my apartment was open because they lived in the same building as their bakery, so everyone within walking or snowmobile distance flooded them to get bread, etc. They were great because they didn’t raise their prices. When this sort of thing happens, anyone with a snowmobile usually polls all their neighbors to see if they need anything & then makes a food/beer run!


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