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Diatribe: Ridiculously Long Acceptance Speeches At Awards Shows.


BLAHI never win anything.  Some people are just really lucky.  Everybody knows someone whose name gets pulled out of the hat all the time.  It seems that they get picked to come up on stage to help a magician, if a foul ball is hit out of the ball park it lands in their seat, if they buy a raffle ticket they win and they can put a quarter in a slot machine and walk away with a twenty- dollar bill.

The few times that there was a chance I might win something, and have to thank the presenter, I made certain that I was prepared.  If only the same could be said for the Hollywood Elite.

Wouldn’t you think that an actor or actress accomplished enough to rise to the top of their field would be prepared to make a thirty-second acceptance speech should they be chosen as the winner of a major acting award?  Watching the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association last night made one wonder.

The majority of winners weren’t prepared to be winners.  It appeared as though not one had an acceptance speech prepared and memorized.  Most babbled on until the program’s producers starting playing music and then they kept babbling on to the point of appearing outright rude.  Dithering on as if they couldn’t remember the names of their agents and spouses, the acclaimed actors, actresses, directors and writers of television and big screen alike stood at the lone microphone on the stage of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, like deer in headlights.

Each and every person involved in these awards program knows that the events are only scheduled to be three hours long and they know exactly how many awards will be presented.  They know the odds they might win and, consequently, need to speak when accepting an award.  They know they’ll only be allotted a short amount of time to say their Thank Yous and they know that music will start to play when their time is up.  If they don’t stop talking at that time, they appear unprofessional and often make the audience uncomfortable.

To be fair, the Golden Globe Awards is the most casual of the awards presentations of the season and the liquor certainly flows, but it stands to reason that anyone who can memorize a script magnificently enough to be nominated for a major award could memorize a thirty-second acceptance speech.

They ruin the illusion when they look so foolish.


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  1. Well, with an award show every month, you would think they would have it down. I do have a pet peeve and that is when people thank God for winning a game, award, etc. I hope God does not care who wins a football game or an award. Now, if the winner said, thank God no one was hurt during the game or let’s ask God to help us figure out away to feed the hungry, then I would be OK with that.


  2. The hardest to watch was poor Jacqueline Bissett. She was so out of it and the alcohol had just began to flow. LOL…


    • That was pretty awful. I felt sad for her. Apparently, nobody thought she had a chance of winning. We thought she might have had her shoes off underneath the table and it was taking her a while to slip them back on!


  3. I award you the Sparkle Award, which actually means nothing except that I notice you. So sorry. But at least you cannot say you never win anything anymore. 🙂


  4. They not only look unprofessional they look like they don’t care about anyone but themselves. I think they like to appear spontaneous, like they didn’t expect to win, but you know if you’re nominated you have a chance!


  5. All I have to say is – BRAVO!


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